Monday, 16 November 2015

Its been a long day

I was ironing this morning at 6:30am trying to get to grips with the ironing pile.  OH walks the dog at 6:00am and if I fall back to sleep I have had it and just don't make it into work. So I get up whilst I can even when I am bleary eyed. I am not one of these that's bright and bushy tailed first thing in the morning I need half an hour or so to come round, and a cup of tea so doing the ironing first thing fits in well with my persona and at least I am getting a little more done.  I keep chipping away.  Still have another couple of bags of ironing to do but we have nearly done it.  It was a massive pile originally.  I have started to get the clothes back into their wardrobes - most of my clothes are colour coded so that I can find things when I am in a hurry. 

I have a pine linen chest from my mum's which I am hoping will go into my bedroom in the corner once the furniture has been rearranged and then all the linen will go into there so that I can keep it clean and access it easily. That's the plan anyway.  If I can squeeze the chest in it will be ideal.

This evening I have also been getting some of the items from my mums put away as well. Its a case of slowly slowly catch a monkey.  I will get there its just things take longer these days than they used to and then I get frustrated.  I must keep gradually chipping away little by little.

We have had Hunters Chicken for tea - a reduced buy a few weeks ago which I slipped into the freezer.  There are normally two portions of chicken in each tray and normally I buy a tray each - but tonight we had the one between us served with fresh carrots, sweetheart cabbage shredded with a glaze of butter, and mashed potato.  It went down very well and was very warming.  I try and keep an eye on OH as with him being diabetic he has to eat regularly. It will be mince something tomorrow evening OH is in charge tomorrow night so I suspect it will be cottage pie or something along those lines.

Right must get a wriggle on.

Catch you soon


P.S. My gloves turned up.


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