Sunday, 29 November 2015

Its a bit blustery

Its a wee bit blustery out there today. We have been out to the Cash N Carry to top up on things like washing powder, toilet rolls, dishwasher tablets, some of which lasts me three months or more others which need topping up every month. They also have some good bargains with the meat.  We have come back with two trays of mince and a tray of stewing steak for a nice hot stew to come home to one night in the week. Now whilst my house may not be what I call tidy everything is clean which is the main thing.  I buy OHs deodorant in bulk, today we bought some Dolmio 6 jars for £5.99 - I have been paying about £1.60 for a jar so I tend to stock up when they are on offer.  I also do some of my own and we end up combining them to make a really tasty sauce.  Things got interesting when I started to unload the car.  I nearly got blown down the street but managed to get in safely.  I have also part unloaded the car of the stuff I have bought back from mums.  OH is going to have to give me  hand with the knitting machines and accessories as they are a bit heavy for me to carry on my own and then there is just the knitting machine magazines to bring in.  I am looking forward to my dad's desk coming next week and then I will be able to get sorted out a little bit on the craft front.  I hope to be able to play on the days between the Christmas break and then going back

I have some more chutney on the go, using up some dried fruit and apples.  Its another batch of the apple chutney recipe I prepared the other day and it is simmering gently on the cooker, starting to scent the house.  I will be doing the plum bread later on but have a couple of other jobs to do before that.

We have had a nice smoky bacon bap for a midday snack and we have roast chicken and veggies for tea for a change.

So things are a usual busy here, right then I had better get a wriggle on I have some pears to conserve as well.  They have to soak in sugar overnight and will be concluded tomorrow evening. The recipe is an old one but it aims to provide pears which apparently go a pinky colour to serve with ice cream.  Sounds good to me.  And I also want to get some apple jelly started.  I make it plain and spiced preferably from crab apples but you have to use what are available.  I know there is a big Pantry waiting for me out there somewhere.  I have just got to find it.

Catch you later.



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