Saturday, 7 November 2015

Saturday morning Catchup

The past couple of days have been a bit grotty.  I have had the mother of all migraines, which in turn has upset my stomach and it has not helped with all this damp weather that I had more or less seized up  and my bones hurt and not a bit of my body did not hurt.  and I was in a very low mood.  I do not make a good patient at the best of times I am more of an "impatient".

The low mood for me is the difficult thing to deal with because its just not me and its like having a stranger take over my body which is not happening at any cost!  I do suffer also from low vitamin d as a result of the many conditions/issues that I have ended up with through no fault of my own, but which the Doctors suspect ultimately may be down to a wonky gene or two.

An indicator for me in the past (and which I had forgotten) of my vitamin d levels being a little low again has been the toothache in the bones and my midriff hurting and feeling bruised once I had been laid down or asleep.  Everything seemed to be a constant struggle and I seemed to be getting no where.  I have to see the Doctor in any event but in the meantime I have popped myself on a multi-vitamin which seems to be helping (the Consultant had mentioned it in passing at my last appointment as maybe being a good thing to give myself a little top up - so I am acting on instructions).  I am now on day four of the multi vitamin.  I have gone on to the Centrum multi vitamin for over 50s for ladies and it may be coincidental but the pain does not appear as bad (in my bones)  although my joints are still inflamed (all this wet weather does not help) and I am feeling brighter in myself than I was which for me is a good thing as despite everything we have to make the most of what we have.

On a positive note I am feeling more with it  and my energy levels seem to be returning.  I have lots that I would like to do but I am going to pace myself and not rush in like the proverbial bull in the china shop.  That I think perhaps is in reality expecting too much.

Am off to potter.  Have sorted some clothes out that are too big for me and which need to go to the local charity shop.

Catch you later.




  1. Take care and have a little rest - it might help a little bit with the pain - nothing worse than the nagging toothache pain of arthritis in your joints -it drags me down and it sounds like it's getting to you a little too xxx

  2. Thank you Trudie. I usually have quite a high pain threshold but this time round it has really got me down. I have popped myself on a multi vitamin as well as it is the low mood I do not cope well with on episodes like this and it does appear to be helping and quite significantly the pain has reduced. I have low vitamin D as a result of the conditions I do have so maybe some of it is to do with that. The trouble is I have a lot of conditions with exactly the same symptoms so they are never sure which one is causing havoc at one particular time although I have been told my hips are starting to be affected too.. It will do no harm in any event. Thank you for your kind words and support. I hope you are not having too many painful episodes - its never good. Hugs. Pattypan xx


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