Sunday, 1 November 2015

Sunday Evening Catch Up

Its been a busy old day - still doing operation deep clean in the kitchen - getting there very slowly but everything is nice and clean again.  I have also had to find a home for quite a bit of kitchen equipment from my mums, lots of Pyrex and that sort of thing which when I am batch baking and then freezing I use a lot of so they will earn their keep its just I am having to a bit creative at getting everything into a miniscule galley kitchen with very few cupboards. They will not go in the dining room my dressers are full of kitchen stuff anyway. But hey ho it is needed so the cupboards are also being scrubbed out one at a time and re-organised the contents as well.  There has been a lot of washing and drying - as I said it is a deep clean exercise. Its very satisfying once it is all done though having everything clean.  Once the kitchen is done its the bathrooms turn.

I also have some greaseproof paper to put on top of the kitchen cupboards to keep them grease free - a tip I picked up from Pinterest - so I am hoping it will work.

My tea will soon be ready a piece of rolled belly pork with my home made stuffing inside of it being served simply with Roasties, potatoes and parsnips and roast shallots, mashed potato steamed cabbage, carrots, apple sauce and lashings of gravy.  I am hungry and I am looking forward to my tea.

A little later  I was hoping to watch Downtown but I have mislaid the TV controller so  unless I find it I think I will be having another bash in the kitchen.  Will try and watch it on catchup.

I have also managed to wash down the kitchen walls, and do most of the weekly washing.  Once I have had enough in there I will do a little bit of ironing to get our clothes ready for work.  Will do a bit of ironing first thing as well its a good time for me to do it and gives me more time to do other things of an evening.

I have also managed to pick up some reduced cherry tomatoes today and so I have re-bagged them and popped them straight into the freezer.  They will come in handy for fried breakfasts, for soup or as part of my home made pasta sauce.  I do this when I see them reduced as they make a very good addition to the freezer store and are good eating.  I have also picked up some more spring onions which I will use to make some champ with mashed potatoes. I also managed to pick up some nice sausages which had also been reduced so that will make a good meal for during the week as I said before simple tasty food often makes good eating because you work to bring the best out in the ingredients rather than overcomplicating things.

Right I am off to eat. Have a lovely evening wherever you may be and whatever you may be up to.



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