Sunday, 22 November 2015

Sunday Roundup

Its been a busy day here.  I have part unloaded the car  - I have to find room for what I have brought in first before I can bring what is left in mostly mums knitting machine patterns and associated equipment.  There is still more to come..  It has been bitter out there  most of the day- the sun has been shining and its been a bright day but there is no warmth.  I have had to come in as I have  had hotaches in my hands from being out there and bringing stuff in.  Its the kind of morning where my father used to walk us - always a Sunday morning and we would walk in all weathers be out in the fresh air and be talking ten to the dozen; and if it was snowy we would be wrapped up with thick scarves, hats and gloves that would always be drenched by the time we got in.  If there was snow dad used to teach us about tracking animal prints as often there were more than a few in the virgin snow.

I have brought a lot of bed linen and things like that back as we sorted the airing cupboard out between us.  There were towels that had not been used i.e. new still in their packing.  But I can smell mum on the linen and it is very comforting for now but I know in time it will go as it must do as is the natural order of things.

We had some of those crumpets for midday - neither of us fancied supper last night and they went down very well.

We have had roast beef and all the trimmings for tea tonight.  Now I have to find a home for some of that linen and get ready for work tomorrow.

Catch you soon.



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