Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Well what happened there then!

Despite me using the Scheduler to do  post at 10:00am and 2:00pm today they both seem to have arrived together.  Blame the operator - must do better.

We have had an update on Missy - she has vision in the eye that has been operated on and is bright and bubbly in herself.  There is a little swelling but it is within accepted parameters.  She is not eating.  We have put that down to the fact that she is away from home; but she is not a greedy dog very unusually she only eats what she wants.  We think they will release her tomorrow OH has to ring to find out in the morning.  It will be good to have her home again.  She has been sorely missed as she is such a happy little dog.

An early post from me tonight as I have stuff to do in the kitchen.  I bought fresh cream yesterday for making a mixed dried fruit ice cream bomb an alternative to a Christmas pudding.  I have a fancy glass fluted dish which I think might be just the ticket for presenting it in.  That might be a tomorrow night job.  I have a bowlful of pickling onions to get through first and then brine overnight in readiness for processing tomorrow.  There will be some more to soak and peel then brine  tomorrow night as well.  They are for pickling but I also do a couple of bags of prepared onions which I freeze once peeled and then just bung a few in with the Sunday roast.  When cooking they caramelise very easily and help brown the roast potatoes, parsnips etc.

Oh and I suppose I had better find something for tea baked potatoes and cheese I think.

Catch you when I can.




That's got the Shallots peeled and they are now brining in salt.  My hands are now yellow and cold.  I cannot wear gloves for working in they irritate me to high heaven.  The next batch are now soaking (this time pickled onions)  which I will set about tomorrow evening.  After the first batch a few months ago I went and ordered more. That's 5 stone in all for pickling. This year the shallots are quite large and solid. I quite relish (excuse the pun) sitting quietly and working rhythmically away preparing something tasty for the pantry. It always pleases me to prepare something nice from such simple ingredients.

Now for a hot drink and then off to bed.

Catch you soon.

There is still a lot to do



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