Monday, 21 December 2015

A Charity Shop Find

I seem to find treasures when i am least looking for them.  I stumbled on these two decoupage pictures that someone has spent some time and attention preparing but with time they have bevelled in places but I believe I can sort both of them out and if it does not work (although i hope it will) i will still have two ornate picture frames that would cost an arm and a leg new probably £30 plus each abd they are very ornate.  I fo quite like the subject matter in any event.  I thought they would look good on my stairs with a couple of gilt mirrors that i have  I have a thing about mirrors they help bring light into dark places.

 i have recently acquired a brass rimmed round bevelled mirror from my mums and i have a couple of others scattered through the house. i thought i might group some together in the hall way Interspersed with some other pictures in gold frames that i have once we have decorated the hall in the new year. Decorating is on the cards to freshen things up a bit.  i need a new stair carpet too. We already have the paint for the computer room. A very pale green.  need to get some wall shelves organised for some of my craft books and magazines so that i can find stuff which will be a novelty.

Do not feel to clever this evening full of cold and no energy again.  Gopefully catch u soon.  pattypan x


  1. Your pictures are so pretty, such a find!

    1. Hi Elizabeth. I was quite taken with them Someone hss obviously spent a lot of time cutting the flowers out and decoupaging them in place and it would be a shame not to have a go at bringing them back to a good condition and putting them back into use. i also have a large crewel worked oucture of flowers in a basket. the mount and frame have been damaged and i am going to have the mount recut and pop into a new frame and also out that back into use as well. thanks for popping by. pattypan x

  2. The frames are lovely and will make a show on your walls even if you can not rescue the decoupage pictures. Well done on finding them.

  3. HiPam I am very pleased with them and from a quick look at the pictures I do not think that it is going to take much to put the pictures right a bit of glue and repositioning and I think they will be presentable again. When I look for frames I either go for natural pine or gold and thus far everything seems to blend in well together. I have a lot of pine furniture. Pattypan x


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