Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Back to Work and a little Melancoly

Back to work today and it has been a busy one a bit of a shock to the system after the precious time off for Christmas, but hey I am not the only one I think we have all been a bit out of synch today. 

Its not long a matter of days before we are into the New Year and we sadly say goodbye to yet another year. That is 57 New Year's I have seen go by. 2015 the year in which we lost mum and our lives were tipped upside down leaving us to do the best we could in the circumstances and to start to pull the fragments together again as best we could.  Mum and Dad would expect nothing less of us both.  Life is for living and making the best of what comes our way.  Its about finding a way through emotional difficult circumstances  individually and together but move on we must in the flow of life to be participants not just voyeurs or people watchers but taking part and being actively involved. Taking part does not mean that we forget how could we ever do that but the tide of life moves on and the longer you stand still the quicker the waves lap around your feet. What is awaiting for us on the other side is yet to be revealed lets hope everyone is blessed.

I am very lucky in that our family is an extremely close and positive one.  We may not have much else but that family connection is worth everything especially when one is at a low ebb and they have been wonderful with my brother and I even though they are scattered on the four winds.

However the New Year fast approaches we are going to have a new page to fill together with a new page number.  New events to experience new people to meet. Already change is in the air.  My stepson and his long suffering girlfriend became engaged a week before Christmas and are already making plans to marry (no date as yet but preparation is I understand well in hand).  We are pleased for the pair of them they are very well suited. 

My eldest nephew is part way through his Masters course in Physics at Warwick University.  He attained a 2.1 with Honours for his degree course. 

My youngest nephew will take his A levels and then hopefully goes up to University in September.  It will be strange  for my brother and sister in law to start with after having either both boys or just one of them at home.  But onwards they must go ever onwards.  Mum had tried so desperately to be around to see the youngest one pass his A levels and go up to University but it was not to be.

Education is a wonderful thing but it is just not down to our Teachers to teach our young people, it is down to their parents to give them extra teaching and support at home.  It is always a two way moving vehicle that gives every child eager to learn the best of starts and the support and nurturing that plays a behind the scenes big part in personal education and motivation and enables our young people to fly.  That is incredibly satisfying.

Catch you soon.




  1. Much to look forward to with your extended family and I am sure that the young folk will work hard and with a marriage to look forward to, happiness will spread like ripples in a pool.

    It will be hard to weather the loss of your beloved mum, and those "first" anniversaries, but I am sure you will have highlights to balance your grieving.

    1. Thank you BB. I am giving it a good shot. The young people are what its all about now. My step son's fiancée is a lovely girl and OH and I both think a lot of her. Some days I really am okay and another not quite so but that as you so rightly say is part of the grieving process it will work itself out eventually. I am finding more and more that I am taking over the reigns of things that she used to do as those that have come and gone before me. I think the women try and keep the family together no matter what. Catch you soon Pattypan x

  2. As an ex teacher I o agree with you about education being more than just attending school or college. Parents' input is invaluable.

    1. Hi Elizabeth

      My father was the different one in his birth family. He was tutored by the Local Vicar as he was a choir boy. However to hold a place in the Lincoln Cathedral Choir he had to be academically on the same level as all the Choir Members had to attend Lincoln Grammar School. Hence the tutoring from the Local Vicar. Dad gave both myself and my brother extra tuition at home and wherever or whatever we were doing would be turned into an impromptu lesson. Dad dearly wanted to be a Teacher and passed to go to Cambridge or Oxford University. However in those days you had to have private means to sustain the education. Unfortunately when my grandparents were approached by my Dad to go to University there was nothing in the pot as they had just remortgaged their home to buy my uncle his farm. I still fervently believe to this day that was his really true vocation its just very sad that he never really had the opportunity to do something about it. In his own way he really did put us first. I remember at school not being interested in reading; making silly mistakes with words that used the same letters in the spelling but in a different order. He spent hours with me until I got it right. Equally I was determined that I was not going to read. Dad had other ideas and he taught me that a book was indeed a friend to pick up and put down as and when necessary. Reading has been one of my greatest joys ever since and by the time I was seven I had the reading ability of a 14 year old at the time. I always had my head in a book and do to this day. I prefer a book to a kindle though.

      Both of my nephews have been Grammar school educated. They have received so much more than education but given the right environment with which to grow and thrive on an academic and social level. This is what the Grammar schools do best.

      Take care and thanks for popping by.




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