Thursday, 17 December 2015

Baking bits n bobs

Well I have  acquired one or two new additions to
my  batterie de cuisine i have been into TK Max which is fatal but then they do have good quality bits n bobs for realistic prices.

first of all we have some holly and ivy cutters.

then we have a chrostmas tree cake mould

a fondant/chocolate mould for making free standing ch

two freestanding jelly bag hangers

an individual christmas tree baking tin

and a gingerbread cookie mould

and not least a mew mincepie tin

so not too catch u soon pattypan x


  1. Great haul Pattypan, I do pop into TKMax on the odd occasion but have only ever bought onr thing, a super saute pan.

    1. Hi Pam i love going in there particularly the homeware department have found a lot of lovely items in there in the past year particularly preserving jars. have had seversl differnt bsking tins from them as well. hope u r keepjng well and are all ready for Christmas. take care pattypan x

  2. What a lot of lovely things you have got. I agree going into TK Maxx is fatal, just too many lovely things in there it's hard to resist.
    love fluffy

    1. hi fluffy it is fatal and sometimes i have to keep clear on purpose. hope u r all okay. pattypan x


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