Saturday, 19 December 2015

Busy Day

ts been a busy day for me.  i crashed out last night and wasnt quite sure where i was when I woke up it took me a moment or two to get my bearings.  then it was up and out away to mums.  we called at the butchers and got my streaky bacon chipolata sausages and also my sausage meat for stuffing and sausage rolls.   I also bought some toffee cheese to try.  when we arrived at mums the estste agent was there for a viewing.  apparently there have been three this week.  feedback has been favourable. fingers crossed.  we have sorted the garage out today got rid of the rubbish and sorted what is going where. the greenhouse has been three quarters sorted all the rubbish bagged.  we still have ghe garden to tackle.  back again shortly for that one.  however a tiuch of sadness as Christmas cards had arrived from people we have been unable to contact.  fortunately they have contact details so i have that sad task to deal with

since being home have cooked two racks of ribs in my homemade chinese plum sauce and they were delicious.

since then have flopped been wathing Lord of the Rings. will not be long before i crash  full steam ahead for tomorrow.  catch u soon.  pattypan x

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  1. I also got sticky toffee cheese from a wonderful farm shop a couple of weeks ago that was/is absolutely delicious and me and my son curled up and watched The Hobbit last night. I am not remotely bothered about Starwars, but am completely addicted to The Lord of The Rings. I have read the books more more times than I care to remember and watch the Dvds in a marathon session whenever my son is on holiday from school. Bag end is my forever home. One day......

    love fluffy x


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