Sunday, 27 December 2015

Dealing with the UFOs and keeping my fingers busy

I have forbidden myself from starting anything new to do until I have some of the UFOS out the way which is cluttering up premium storage potential. Once they are finished they will hardly take any storing, but all the bags and paraphernalia that go with it that is a different matter.   I thought I would start with some of the smaller items as they will be quicker potentially to get out of the way.  I also thought that it would inspire me to keep at it as  and when I finish an item, it will spur me on to do the next.  Well that is the hope.  As I finish an item I will add the photos here so that you can see what I have been up to.

Moving from Christmas into January is always a little grey opposed to the glitz of Christmas all the decorations are down and the colour has gone and it usually takes some readjustment especially after adding all those additional items and little specialities to the "fancies" and little treats section.  So now instead of being in the kitchen I usually get stuck into my UFOs to try and get things moving.  This year I also want to make my Christmas presents as far as I can (its not always possible to do everyone this way) but the UFOs need tackling first.

One thing I usually do have on the go is some form of crochet as it is quick to put up and down so that tends to be a constant with me one of my main crafts. I am as usual part way through a couple of blankets picking one or the other up as I run out of wool.  I like so many others do not always have the opportunity to buy all the wool in one shop so a lot of my rugs are based on what I have available blended in with a neutral and I work as many squares as I can with my central colours and then add to if I cannot match up with additional ones.  I also do scrap rugs and blankets with the odds and ends left over from others so I do tend to try and be as economical as I can as I am not only creating something for my home that is different but trying to use up all those bits of bobs of wool else it becomes a storage problem.  I have crocheted since I was a teenager and it is only in the past year or so that I have expanded my reportoire where stitches are concerned but each time I do something new it gives you a bit of a challenge and a different focus.

However I have a pressing committment two blankets that I started when mum was in hospital for my aunt and uncle.  These are throws for covering their legs when sat watching the TV of an evening.  I have nearly finished one and I hope to finish the second relatively swiftly to honour my promise to my mum.  So these two blankets are on the list to complete first

I will post photos as I finish them, then it will be a matter of getting the blankets over to them both so that they can be put into use.  I had made my Mum a large blue and white one when she had the skin cancer surgery a couple of years ago, but I have let my sister in law have that to curl up with on the settee of an evening.  It is quite a large throw to cuddle into.

Anyway that is the plan will post the photos when finished.

Catch you soon.




  1. I always plan to get UFO's out of the way at this time of year but I no sooner get a few of them done and i am adding to the pile again never mind one day :-)

  2. Happy Christmas patty, I have already taken some of my decorations down! If I take down a few at a time it is not such a big shock. I love crotcheted blankets and always love receiving handmade presents as gifts. If you start now you will have a good chance of getting all your ufos finished. Love fluffy


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