Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Food Shopping

Well thats got my glasses clean from the splodges of rain we have just walked Missy and it started peeing it down. prior to that though I have been to Lidls to do the bulk of my shopping.   bought quite a bit of meat including to whopping big legs of lamb reduced from £11 something to £7 and £8 something respectively.  Two joints of  beef and a pork joint all going in the freezer.   I have a problem this year in that i normally hsve fhe use of two fridges but one of tgem has packed up and the so i am lumited on apace.  fhe fridge i would like i do not have room for ao i have to be careful otherwise i would have got my tutkey there as well.

I have bought quite a bit of charcuterie salami porcetta proscuitto and taken advantage of some veggies as well

I will get my fruit from the market and the veg shop. Not many things to get but i still need a few so hzve to go into town again.

We have homemade Christmas cake pudding and mums plum bread.  I have the baking to do yet on Christmas Eve a tradition from my mums grandma.  one of my first memories of Christmas is that mum always did a big bake on Christmas Eve and she had a Turkey sized white and blue meat platter which my gran had bought my mum and that plate used to be full of mince pies coconut cheesecakes and school boys ear holes (jam tarts).  the sight of that plate packed tight meant family time and lots of good food.

I shall certainly use Lidl again especially if the prices are that good for yhe majority of the time.  Right must get the fridge sorted cstch u soon pattyps  x


  1. Happy Christmas to you from Richard and Yvonne.

  2. Have a wonderful Christmas... Hope at some,point you can put your feet up xx

  3. Thanks Maria I have managed to play for a little while this afternoon with my Christmas present the A4 Big Shot from OH. Made some embossed background papers (Tattered Lace Embossing Folders) and also a little tiny decorated box but I see an awful lot of potential for this. I am hoping to get some goodies at Colemans hopefully in the sale i.e. dies and embossing folders. OH has agreed to take me and to take me back to Hobbycraft for a good look around. I am particularly fond of crochet and they had some lovely wool in that I would like to add to my stash. Catch you soon. Pattypan x

  4. And to you Richard and Yvonne.




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