Sunday, 20 December 2015

I am extremely tired but have had a good day.  i inherited my mothers knitting machines and attachments plus loads and loads of wool on cones.  the wool will need winding into useable amounts as it is all on cones.  i have put the wool up into the attic for the time being out of the way but we are going to put some boards up so that i can store some other bits n bobs too. we will do that shortly.  we went to homebase and had a quick look and then for breakfast.  then went on to the range Bb u have a lot to be responsible for.  i have bought several bits and bobs for my crafting including some stamps some buttons some wool to continue another blanket i have on the go.  i have asked for a die cutting embossing machine or some funds towards as my Christmas pressie as this will fit in with a lot of other bits and bobs i already have.  it will help me expand my range.  next year for me will be as far as possible be a hand made Christmas but i want to make birthday cards and things like that too. i have bought a couple of items which i quite liked i.e two snowberry wreaths can be used on walls doors or as a centrepiece on a table.  i have also bought two faux deer antler candle rings also for the table.  i have also bought two button heart wreaths as well.  i also bought some green buttons to have a go st making my own all part of the homesde christmss plan.   putting up bits ss i find them.  i did see quite a few lovely things there.

 i didsat down to watch sound of music for a little while and now i am cream crackered.  it is cold out tonight but it is warm in the house.  i am going to get an early night.  catch u soon. pattypan x

p.s.  i also bought two bottles of cotes du thone red wine for stockpiling for making the van d'orange for next christmas.  this will be made when the seville oranges become available.


  1. I do like the range, there reduced craft section is always worth a look, I hope you get your die cutting machine they are a lovely addition to have as a craft tool, dont get an electric powered one, its just not worth it and are so easy to use, if possible get a big shot they are one of the best out there also the X cut one is very good value for money, :-)

  2. I have a sissix big shot at the top of my wish list and a couple of dies to go with it. Most of my Christmas gifts are hand made and that will be stretched to all next year. I do not make so many food items as there will only be a handful of people here and I do not want to start the New Year with a fridge and freezer full of left overs.

    1. Hi Pam the Sissix big shot I have had a go with as my friend let me have a play - we have a girlie crafting day every so often and I had not really understood the potential behind such a piece of equipment until she let me loose. I tend to do a lot of foodie items because extended family and friends often drop in so it does tend to go quite rapidly and it makes a useful pressie a jar of this or that for someone who does not do any preserving. I need a bigger kitchen though. Hope you have a lovely Christmas. Pattypan

  3. Hi Dawn I can see it could get quite expensive in there for me lots of lovely goodies to create with. I have had a go with a Big Shot as my friend has one and now has an electric one too. As I have the arthritis I was thinking of the electric one but I think I am going to have to go and have a look and also catch up with my friend to see what she thinks of the new electric one. I can see all sorts of potential.Trouble is I need more time! Hope you are keeping well and are all ready for Christmas. Sadly I am not despite a lot of hard work. I have a lot of sorting out to do. But hey ho as long as I get to do a bit of crafting I will be happy.




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