Saturday, 19 December 2015

I am on holiday for Christmas

Yay i am now officially on holiday for Christmas.  i still have present shopping and food shopping to do.  And this is where the work will start for me.  I am really tired tonight and wanted something simple for tea so we have had potato wedges cod fish fingers onion rings and baked beans and it has gone down very nicely proper comfort food.  it has been a long week but a very rewarding one.  So tonight i am not doing much. I am at mums tomorrow to sort the garage and the garden and greenhouse then once they are sorted that will be it. Very sad but that will be it until it is sold. Mum lived there about 44 years all told. It was home to both my brother and mum and dad and has sheltered us safely for a long time.  It is now time for a new stage a new family in the bungalows life.  My brother now has his forever home.  I have to yet find mine.  It will happen.

Yesterday I managed to get some pine cone garlands that i have had my eye on for sometime.  they were £15 each but i managed to get them for £7.50 each.  I am so chuffed.  These garlands are quite substantial in depth and length and will mix in well with those items I already have.  Although i am still going to make some more garlands

You can always add extra material to give extra dimension.

I also treated myself to a waffle cone/ basket maker machine. yet again to go with items i already had.  i have a proper full size ice cream machine having the cornet maker just gives me a little more scope with what I can or cannot have a go at.

I have two beautiful wrought iron freestanding floor candleabra in my dining room and i need to get some candles for them there are three required per branch.  I saw some in the pound shop.  i am looking for some little candle holder wreaths to go round each candle. I did see some in John Lewis that I quite liked but I did not like the price £8 each.  So I an hoping they get reduced too.  I need six miniature wreaths. At this time of the year i do so love candlelight especially scented candles.  I have some apple and cinnamon tea lights

This year I have plans for a centrepiece for my dining room table.  I have a mirror from the charity shop and my mum also had one as well hers is longer than mine though.  they are white and gilt.  i have an idea to use either one of the mirrors or both as a centrepiece filled with candles candle lanterns and lots of greenery and berries. I thought the mirror would reflect the candlelight and give more depth to the centrepiece. I like greenery in the house its something that my Nan used to do and always have fresh holly and mistletoe in supplementing my artificial ones.  Afew sprigs of holly over the top of each picture and a big spray of mistletoe set in a strategic place adds to the ambience.

Now I have to find where the rest of the decorations are located.

Right have a lot to do catch u later.  Pattypan xx


  1. I bought a couple of sets of flickering pillar candles, they are made of real wax and have the drippy bit running down them, but there is battery operated flame they are so lovely and safe :-)

    1. Hi Dawn i have my eye on some in Tk Max might grt them this week as i have a couple of wreaths for the table which could ude something like that especially with the cats. hope u r all rady for christmas psttypan xx

  2. Those candleabra's must look beautiful PattyPan when theyre all lit up - very special.
    when we went up to York a few weeks ago I went in the National Trust shop and I brought a little candle holder that has little angels balanced above that spin round and round from the heat given off from the tea light (I brought 2 more for my grandchildren - 1 with reindeer and 1 with snowflakes) and every one agrees theyre only small but so effective - hope you manage to get everything done with the shopping - it was manic in Morrisons yesterday xxx

    1. hi Trudie i have had them a few years and came across them by chance and i am so glad i bought them when i did. i am a big fan of different types of lighting. the small chimes you talk about lit by tea lights were originally known as angel chimes as they were predominantly decorated with angels. its nice to see them back in fashion. i have morrisons at stamford on monday also going to the cheese shop in stamford which is in an old cellar and more like a cave. managed to find some lovely cheese there from proper artisan makers. am looking for a stinking bishop we both love it. hope u r keeping well and that u have a lovely chrimbo psttypan xx

  3. Enjoy your break from work, even though it means working twice as hard at home, but at least you will be doing the things you enjoy doing. Those pine cone garlands look lovely and I'm glad the price got reduced. I have seen some Christmas things I like in the Range, so may go back in the Sales and see if they are reduced enough to be tempted.

    1. Hi bb you are so right in that i will be working at things i enjoy doing. i am so chuffed with the garlands not sure whether they r going in the lounge or the dining room yet. such a lot to do. was inly saying to my brother earlier today that if the house was bigger wouldhave everyone together for christmas but we are a bit sardinish here at the momdnt. however we have arranged to go out for a meal early in the New Year together its something that we used to do with mum and with dad. bb check back earlier than the sales as tound here those dorts of things hsve been going now. hope u r already for chrimbo enjoy pattypan x


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