Monday, 28 December 2015

I am very blessed

I have enjoyed my Christmas in that I have received some lovely presents from friends and family and acquired some useful equipment as well.  I am so very chuffed with the Big Shot Die Cutting and Embossing machine which has been my present from OH. That just has so much potential for me. I have also bought a new computer (a present from my mum and dad) and hopefully I should not have any more problems.   This new system also has quite a large memory which is going to be needed as I have stacks of family photographs to copy and scan for my brother and other family members. Fingers crossed and toes plaited that everything goes as it should.  One of the reasons for me investing in a new system is  that I have a lot of CD craft discs that I just could not use on my previous system.  I have yet to find out if they will work on this new one.  I have quite a few Debbi Moore Christmas based CD's and other ones that I have been collecting little by little.  So I am hopefully going to be able to draw all the threads of my crafting together so that everything is interlinked.  That is the plan anyway.

Here are the bits I played with yesterday.

The little box

And some embossed sample cards and papers for use as backgrounds.

I have photos of these on my camera its just they are not registering as being there when going to insert image.  If they pop up tomorrow I will post them up then.

I am very interested in the little boxes and my friend Margaret also has the cracker templates as well.  She had me to hers for a play day which was great fun when she showed me how her Big Shot worked and let me play.

I am hopeful of being able to go to Hobbycraft again tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.

Catch you later.




  1. Now you can also emboss on acetate, the clear stuff that comes on gift packing, it makes lovely additions to cards and boxes, also ribbon can be embossed, the satin faced ribbon, spray it with starch and then emboss, when I had the shop, Jan and Feb each year I used to run a 1 day course for new die cut embosser owners, they would bring there machines along and I would send all day teaching them all the things they could with there machines, it was so popular we ran the class one day a week for 2 months 8 people in each class, I always felt brain dead at the end of the two months. I still have a lot of embossing folders and dies left over from the shop and they will be going up for sale in the next week or so if you are interested.

    1. Hi Dawn thank u for the tips about the starch and the ribbon. Yes an interested in folders and dies. will keep checking. It sounds as though you miss the teaching side from the satisfaction given rather than being drained from the teaching. x

  2. I am a newcomer to the card making world, no classes locally so I work on my own. I love making cards and there are so many magazines which help.

    1. Hi Elizabeth I am too. Hoowever I do watch Create and Craft on Virgin as they have a lot of demonstrators giving tips and ideas which I have found helpful. There are also Tutorials on You Tube. Sissix have a set of tutorials on there which i have started watching as well.pattypan x


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