Tuesday, 1 December 2015

I have things to do in the Kitchen

I have things to do in the kitchen tonight - mostly preparation work as I want to make some more piccalilli for OH being as he has noshed his way already through what I had made.  I have the preparation and the salting to do.

I also have some more red cabbage to prepare so I think I am going to have my hands full tonight. Both of them will need finishing off tomorrow and I am out in the early part of the evening so it will be a late one for me.

Enjoy your evening

Catch you later




  1. Hi pattypaan, I'm sorry to bother you, but when you make your plum bread when do you add the butter? Is it with the dry ingredients? Also do you have to let it rise or not? I was going to make it tonight, but wanted to check first. Also are you pickling your red cabbage and could you point me in the right direction. I have had a red cabbage given to me and am not too sure what to do with it other than treat it as I would a normal cabbage.

    hope it's not too much to ask I know you're busy.
    Love fluffy

    1. Fluffy will get back to you this evening


    2. Fluffy - sorry - have had some internet connection problems. The butter or margarine is rubbed into the flour - it does say on the recipe. The yeast is in there to give a lift. There is no need for proving as in effect when the eggs and milk are added it becomes like a batter albeit thicker than a normal one especially when all the fruit is added. Pattypan x

    3. Pattypan, I'm so sorry I was sure I had read the recipe a few times and didn't see it. Thank you very much for replying I will try it out. I do hope you get your internet problems sorted out. Love fluffy

    4. Fluffy

      Re Pickled cabbage I have done a couple of posts on this the first one there are photos for. Might make it easier for youl

      Hope this helps but also did a post on it earlier this year.



  2. Sorry I meany pattypan, not pattypaan x


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