Monday, 21 December 2015

Monday trsvels

Its been a busy day again but on the food front i think productive despite everything else having gone to pot.  I love Stamford and know my way round a little as I was at Stamford college for two years. It was busy and bustling. a couple of market stalls were out and a couple of students were playing the violin.  very atmospheric.  sadly no one ddling hot chestnuts.I headed for the cheese shop which is in a cellar below the streets and bought a selection of artisan cheeses including red devil a goats cheese log stilton some very ripe brie a truckle of godmanchester.  Now I have the cheese I am a happy bunny as after main meals we tend to have vrry impromptu meals consisting of cheese pickles fresh bread I have a batch of home made Tiger bread buns to make to go with cheeseboards.  I have also bought a ham joint to cook a haslet a large pork pie.  There will be turkey remains and possibly from a rib of beef i have lurking in the freezer.I did have plans for making my own haslet savoury ducks pates potted beef spiced or bombed beef and a couple of unusual items like pastrami and air dried lamb and my home made gravlax but that has gone by the wayside.  i am having to do what i can with what i have.  however all is not lost i have a new diary and a bit more planning and adhering to the planning is called for so that i do not make the same mistakes again.  I am also adjusting my food budget a little to ensure that i have the funds to make things when i should be making them. this will also cover buying meat for the freezer and vodka gin etc for home made liqueurs. especially for making rhumptopf or cherries in brandy or kirsch.  so things have not gone to plan but we will still have have a christmas and for that i am grateful. good n simple.  catch u soon.  

after thst it was a trip to newmarket to the animal health trust for missy.  she is doing well and they were all pleased to see her again they refer to her as happy and she is very much that.  shd always travels on my lap in the car either being nosey as to where she was going or curled up on my lap fast ssleep.  they r very pleased with her progress which we are plwased about.  it has turned colder to what it has been. but then so far it has been mild for the season.  catch u soon.  pattypan x

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