Wednesday, 30 December 2015


Why are we suddenly giving storms names?  We never have done really up until now.  Even though I am quite solidly built walking into work today was a bit hairy as the wind was taking me where it wanted me to be never mind that I did not want to go.  It was the same at dinner time.

It was even hairier when I came out of work and it was raining.  We need the rain because of the drier summers that we are experiencing.  We would not survive without it. 

However I am very concerned that people are suffering in this country through no fault of their own because of our own Government taking short cuts and not honouring the reason that they are where they are in the first place because they were voted in by somebody. 

This country has a social conscience.  We give to whatever good cause is going.  Sometimes though Charity really does begin at home.  We should and must look after our own too.  It would be false economy to neglect our own country to help one that does not look after its own people and is corrupt.

Building on land and flood planes, re-designating land for crops for fuel and taking the stability away from the soil and then flooding is something that really is despicable and speaks of a Government continually undermining its public and hoping against hope (cowering in a corner) that it does not get found out.  The Government lets money speak at all points and all times - how morally wrong is that. I would suggest morally bankrupt. Turning on this recent display I do not think I trust the Government to make decisions for me they are proving themselves incapable not just on one occasion but many occasions.

I thought that Government were put in place to do the best for its populace not businesses or money. In fact I do not believe that businesses or monied folk should have a say when it comes to the politics of this country. If they were doing their level best for the populace, we would not be having the flooding and being impacted by land use being re-designated and suffering soil erosion as a consequence.  These systems were in place many years before they have always worked there was a reason for them being in place in the first instance.  So why change something when its not brock!  Someone somewhere who knows better and knows nothing is rolling around like a loose cannon somewhere.

Tesla apparently had in place plans a system a network for everyone to have free power - I use the word free which would have benefited everyone.  That project was not allowed to see the light of day.  I wonder why.  In fact I think we should have a system like that  it would take an awful lot of ego power away from individuals who should have no say in the first place.  People should not have to starve, and be flooded out and be unsafe in their homes because of someone's mistake.  Please note it is not the Governments fault it is always someone else's yet you can bet a shilling to a pound that they have had their mucky little hands in it somewhere and are up to their grubby little necks in it.  That is cheating its populace left right and centre.

I think that there should be an enquiry into what exactly the Government has been up to directly or by omission.  It should be made to face the music.

Sorry I am a bit irritated by the lack of care that is shown to our people  - especially when they are very much a caring nation.

What next I wonder!

In the interim though my heart goes out to those affected and I hope things are put right soon.

Catch you soon.



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  1. I feel that we are dependant on each other nature and mankind.More than we know .We will Get sick if nature is sick ,


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