Saturday, 12 December 2015

saturday roundup

i have been at mums again today and i should have been out to a christmas party but i have a very dodgy tummy and as the evening has gone  on i have developed a splitter.  well peed off about not being able to go out but just too risky.  something slways happens to throw a spanner in the works. still loads to do but for the moment that will have to wait.  we have more or less finished the house just have the garage greenhouse and garden to tidy. my main computer has thrown another wobbly so have done this on my phone. so i do apologise in advance for any typos for some unknown reason not quite used to tapping in messages.  getting back to christmas i have a bag of bits and bobs picked up here and there.  will go to the pound shop again later in the week to pick up some bits n bobs there. next year  things will be different. this year will be quiet just on our todd  usually had mum over for boxing day.  right am gojng cross eyed snd head is dven worse catch u soon pattypan xx


  1. So sorry you have been unwell, do hope you feel better soon patty. I still haven't got round to your plum cake yet, hope to today.

    love flufy

    1. hi fluffy am okay getting thrre slowly now fighting a cold told u its just the depth thst varies xx


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