Thursday, 10 December 2015

Sorry I have been absent

Unfortunately I have had Internet problems again - hopefully the gremlins are now at bay.

It was an extremely busy weekend I was at mum's again doing some further tidying on Saturday and we had someone come to do the EPC Certificate.

Sunday saw me trying to catch up with the washing, ironing etc as well as cooking Sunday lunch.  We had Hunters chicken with cauliflower cheese, broccoli, French beans, mashed potato and carrot and swede crush.  It was delicious.

Monday we had an Interrment Service for my mother's ashes in Deeping St James graveyard. Just a quiet simple ceremony to reunite her with my Dad.  A sad occasion

We then popped back to the bungalow and picked up a load of stuff for my local Charity shop.  I then walked it all round to help them raise funds.

I then popped into town to deal with ID etc. required of me by the bank - three separate banks to deal with was up town over four hours and then popped to Waitrose for a quick whizz round.  Whilst there I spotted some lovely fir cone decorations that will go with some I already have.  A little treat these will go well with the garlands I have in the front room.  I am chuffed with them.  I also have a load of fir cones that I have picked up on walks etc. to turn into some garlands but I am fast running out of time in the run up to Christmas so I will probably turn them into garlands in the New Year and pop them up in a box  in readiness for next Christmas.  Our Christmas will be low key this year to what it normally is as a result of losing mum.  Not that I will be miserable miserable but missing her and being respectful. 

Monday my nephew took his driving test and passed first time.  Very proud and pleased for and of him. 

Monday night I started ironing.

Continued on Tuesday.  Had to go and buy some new coat hangers as I had run out.  36 New Coat hangers  - all have been used.Still have some more ironing to do.

Wednesday have tried to sort the wardrobe out a bit so that I can get my clothes in before doing the next tranche of ironing.  Slowly slowly catch a monkey still loads to do.  Keep nibbling away. There are also some clothes that are far too big for me now to go round to the Charity shop this weekend.
Yesterday I popped into another Polish shop in town.  Bought a few more goodies  - prices are not extortionate. Well worth a look - even though I cannot read necessarily what the items are I have been able to work out what is what. Also popped into the £ shop and managed to get my Speculatis ginger spiced biscuits which I love. 

Now I need to track down my Domino cakes another German speciality which I am rather fond of.

Right desperately need some sleep.

Catch you later.



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  1. Such a awful lot on for you, hope you can get some time for you amongst all the other things to do and above all get some rest.


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