Sunday, 27 December 2015

Using up the Leftovers

We enjoyed our Turkey we always do and there are a lot of leftovers.  The veggies I use up by making a load of mashed potato and then combining the cold veggies in with the cold potato shape them into discs (I use an old Tupperware Beefburger making set for this) and then I open freeze the discs in the freezer and then using freezer paper stack them in little packages for use later on.  OH is particularly fond of them with a fried breakfast however they are also ideal with roast pheasant or other game dishes.

Once the main pieces of meat are gone from the Turkey (we either have this cold or sliced in gravy with veggies as another full meal or two) I strip the carcass of any bits of meat and boil up the bones of the Turkey for soup stock also to be frozen for use later on.

With the remnants of meat, cold stuffing, cold breadsauce and cranberry sauce or fresh cranberries I make either small or large festive pies.  I have both sized pie makers and once cooked these can also be frozen and very tasty they are too.  Yet again making a meal for another day.  All I have to do is make up a batch of shortcrust pastry line the machines with pastry circles add the filling then the tops and cook.

You can alternatively make the Festive pies into Festive slices but using puff pastry.  When doing this way though I use fresh puff pastry and then open freeze and then cook and add to a meal that way.

And of course the animals are always given a share.

I have a lovely piece of ham to cook in the fridge at the moment. I will probably cook that later today but if any is left over yet again I can make little pies or slices so nothing is wasted.  I like the opportunities that leftover food gives you to turn it into something different.

Do you have any favourite ways of using up cold Turkey/meats if you do please share.

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  1. There is so much one can do with leftovers. Like you, I hate wasting anything.


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