Friday, 1 January 2016

An Absence of New Year Resolutions

I usually see in the New Year on my own as OH usually goes to bed and see the New Year in quietly.

However I am not making any resolutions for this New Year especially after the events of this year. I only end up setting myself up to fail and then I feel dreadful about things.  There are a few things I would like to do or try or just even plain achieve but sometimes you have to wait for the right moment in time in which to do those things.  Timing is paramount.  

 I do have wishes though and if they could filter into the ether and somewhere have a positive effect on all of us then that would be brilliant.

I am basically a peaceful person.  I do not like confrontation of any kind and I do not seek it. However sometimes it cannot be avoided and you have to stand up and be counted.

I wish for peace and contentment and enjoyment for everyone.  Sometimes that comes easily to some at other times it is hard fought for.  Life is not easy.   It does not come with a pre-printed schedule/ time table although I am a great believer that everything is predetermined before we even arrive here  in this mortal coil and who will be there to travel with you and in what roles.  However I am also of the view that we have to find our own way and have our own milestones and journeys and things to achieve. 

We each have our own particularly peculiar path to tread and have to learn for ourselves as for what is right for one person is not necessarily right for another. Therefore we are given something called free will to make our own choices. There are so many variations and it is all the little variations that make the difference and add flesh and bones and nuance to each and every situation.

The same as what does "normal" mean.  What is normal to one person is not necessarily "normal" for another and that is where the confusion begins.

In this coming year I therefore wish to tread lightly, not necessarily offend people by not doing something that they consider I should or should not be doing.

That thing called "perception" is a difficult thing in its own right because people "perceive" that you should be doing this or that.  But do they ask me Nope.  They perceive and then become judgmental.  Ouch!  Sorry not all, but a few I have come across in recent years revert to this kind of behaviour and it drives me nuts.  Much as I love them!

During this coming year I aspire to be a better person than I am on a practical and spiritual basis.  Its not about me it never has been it is about everyone.  Everyone has a role to fulfil and something to bring to the table.  Sometimes you just don't know it yet or quite how that will map out.

I want to be more in tune with my surroundings and feelings and listen more to my inner voice.  It never will send you wrong, but learning to listen to it and dance in tune with it that is another matter altogether.  I am still learning to dance to its tune.

But most of all I wish you all love, joy, wealth, health, peace and happiness and kindness.  Oh and lots of laughter.  That is a pre-requisite.  These to me are the important ones.  I hope that they bless your life in 2016.

I  wish each and every one of you well in this coming year.  I thank you for your love and support and for reading and following my ramblings and look forward to meeting with you again over the Internet in the New Year when a blank new page is turned and then written.

Happy 2016



See you in 2016




  1. Replies
    1. And to you and Martin too. Hope its the best yet.

      Love and light



  2. Happy New year pattypan I too aspire to be a better person this year and hope that it is filled with peace and love for everyone xx

    1. Hi Fluffy

      I was always taught to aim high as even if you do not quite suceeed there is logic in those words somewhere and it pulls you higher up than you would have been. Now how do we create time! Have a good one Pattypan



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