Sunday, 3 January 2016

Family Day

It has been a rubbish day weather wise and even though we are not flooded there is an awful lot of water in the fields in the dykes the rivers are very high.  It was the same when we went to Rushden yesterday.

Today however as far as days goes has been a very lazy day.  We met up with my brother his wife and my two nephews for a New Year's meal something that we used to do with my mum when she was with us on a regular basis. So in a way we are carrying on a long held family tradition.  We used to do this when my Dad was with us too. We went for a Carvery at The Baskervilles in Baston our usual meeting place; new people have taken over and they have started doing up the premises and they are clean and light and the food is very tasty.  In fact it was one of the better meals we have eaten there.  They had even put sausagemeat in with the stuffing, something I complain about not being in the stuffing in a lot of establishments.

We then went back for a little while and had a good natter before coming back home and just pottering.  It really is cold outside and I have had a bad Reynaud's attack this evening as I nipped to the shop wearing gloves and could not feel my hands by the time I came back they are only just coming back to life and I was wearing thermal thinsulate gloves Never mind these things are sent to try us.

So overall it has been a lazy day for us.  I have not done much at all just kept in the warmth.  Watched a couple more programmes I wanted to catch up on.  I have not even done any playing with my Big Shot. 

Now back to the Nitty gritty - even though I was back at work last week for 2 1/2 days its now back to a full week and have to immerse myself back into routine and work.

Its been lovely having some time off and just chilling.

Now back to "normal".

Catch you soon.



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