Thursday, 28 January 2016

Followers are up and down like a yo yo

On Blogger that is - I think its down to them changing the rules to suit themselves which involves everyone having to have a google account to access blogs that you follow easily and readily in order that the posts slip into your inbox seamlessly.  Why do they have to mess with things.

At first I thought it was something I said or did not say but after reading this it sort of explains quite a lot!


  1. I've lost 6. If they return, they return. I shan't bother with a begging letter! Like you, I wish folk in charge would Leave Things Alone!

  2. P.S. Dawn over on Doing It For Ourselves in Wales has no phone line/internet after a log wagon took out 3 phone poles! Knowing what BT & Openreach are like (and Openreach also subcontract the pole work out) it may be weeks before it's sorted.


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