Friday, 1 January 2016

A Knitting Pattern and some crafting bits and bobs

Scandinavian jumper

I have found a free pattern for a jumper I quite like.  It is on the (All About You) Prima website here. 

There is also a pdf version to print off if you are not quite ready to work it just yet.

Although I am only a novice knitter I quite fancy having a go at this one during the year.  In readiness for that I have printed the pattern off.  I intend to have it  laminated so that it does not go dog eared as I am working it.

Tonight I have used my printer for the first time and I am seriously impressed.  The quality of the printing really is very good which gives me some confidence for trying the discs that I have stockpiled in readiness for crafting.  I will report on that in a few days or so once I have managed to play around a bit.

I must say that there are quite a few lovely patterns on the Prima site.

On the knitting front I also have  couple of cream and green tea cosies to finish which I started sometime ago - its a pleated one x 2.  I have also found a pattern the same one that I have been working which I believe initially came from my Nan's and it has little tiny egg cosies to go with the teapot cosy so I may well work some of those too.  I like things to match.

The other reason I have gone for such a good quality printer is that I have loads of photographs to copy and reproduce for my brother.  The new printer also has a scanner/photocopying facility so during these darker nights I am hoping to get stuck in and collate them altogether.  Not only did I think that I would do them for him but open it up to family members as well.  I also thought it would be good to get some of the photographs out of the photo albums and scan them in as well.  We have some of the negatives for these but not for all.  So I shall do what I can with what I have.  I will then make up a proper photo album using some of the paper crafting dies to accentuate them.

My father used to make his own home movie productions taking cine film of us as children and then creating an outline script, piecing the movie together, creating a sound tape and also music for the home movie production.  My brother has the cine film we found and one of his work colleagues is going to have a look at the film to see if anything can be restored or transferred over to DVD.  I have been with my partner for 28 years and he has never seen the footage my father took and nor have my nephews and that is the tragedy as they have never seen the footage of their dad and me as youngsters.  I am hoping that something can be done.  Fingers crossed and toes plaited that he can do something with it.

One of the things I do intend to do this year is do far more crafting than I have managed to achieve so far.

Its been a cold day today.  I have had the heating on for the best part of the day to keep everyone warm being as we have been at home.  I know that the animals have fur coats but they still feel the cold and this can be a very cold house depending on which way the wind is blowing.  The back of the house in particular goes like a fridge.  OH when he was putting the knitting wool in the loft indicated that the loft had a deep layer of insulation and was nice and dry.  I think the big heavy curtain is going back up at the backdoor though.  Probably tomorrow night.  I am hoping to go to the Craft Store at Rushden tomorrow to see if I can find any dies for the Big Shot at a reasonable cost.  I will also be on the lookout for other items and if I can find the patchwork dies all the much the better.

Right another day beckons to this New Year.  I hope its a good one.  I am off to feed the cats before they excommunicate me.

Take care and catch up soon.



I am hoping to do a little more crochet work before going to bed again this evening.  It soothes my soul as I can work away at something being productive and yet I can get the thoughts straight in my head so that I know what I am doing and my plan of attack.


  1. I came across some of mums cine films when we were sorting things out, when we were moving my sister asked for them to get converted to DVD nearly two years on and she still hasnt done it, I keep asking and have asked for them back to get it done myself but it has fallen on deaf ears, I am disappointed but I am sure one day she will get a wiggle on and get it done.

  2. You can tell I live out in the sticks Tricia, as I'd never come across the Sizzix dies for cutting material for patchwork. Just gone to check them out and there are some lovely shapes you could never cut by hand!

    You sound full of plans for the year, and I think getting your dad's old films put onto DVD would be a wonderful one for all your family.


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