Saturday, 9 January 2016

Friday Catchup

Its been a long old week and I am ready for the weekend.  I have a long weekend as I have Monday off ostensibly to try and get  some bits done.  My heating pad turned up today for making the home made bread prover and I shall procure a box either over the weekend or on Monday to put operation bread prover into practice.  I will need this for my next Sourdough attempt and also for ordinary bread making.  The pad itself is nice and narrow but has a three way temperature gauge - it also has a washable cover.

This evening I have rejoined Ancestry as I have the urge to do some more serious work on the Family Tree information.  It has been quite productive thus far.  I thought I would join this up with the photographs I have of extended family. I am beginning to think that I am in the fortunate position of having quite  few photographs from one source or another. I had contemplated taking out the full subscription but have decided to concentrate on this country thus far.  If and when I get stuck or find alternative information then consider expanding it further.  I had bought this new computer for scanning the photographs I have inherited so I think this is going to be a bigger project than I intended originally to be shared with family.

One of the stumbling blocks I did have was with my Nan's Dad.  I have never to  my knowledge ever seen a photograph of him or his second wife.  I have precious photographs of my Nan's mum and of her two older sisters when they were younger and of my Nana as a little girl in Victorian frilled dress and bonnet on a donkey at Mablethorpe with her younger brother Eric.  I found further information on my Nan's birth family. on Ancestry including that my Nan's Dad was indeed one of a bigger family and this evening I have the names of his siblings.  I tend to squirrel away the information I come across and then check each entry out as fully as I can.  In the past I have been down and carried out research on the ledgers in the National Records Office as well as working from microfiche in relation to the Census material.  I have found one more child than I knew about  who died in his middle thirties and those present on the site  who are aware of him are not however aware of another child.  I have added him to my list. My Great Uncle Eric. I only met him the once and I assume he has since gone.

Its funny how at every turn you find a new surname to add to the list.  We now have in no particular order across the family:


My cousin also at my Nan's funeral gave me a load of photographs and documentation that he had retrieved from his Dad's home including my Great Grandparents' marriage certificate a photo of my Pop's parent's silver wedding anniversary celebration.

I seem to have a problem in that I can quite happily keep myself entertained for hours and I cannot understand it when people say that they are bored.  My problem is that I do not have enough hours or minutes in the day to do what I have got to do.

Right I had  better get a wriggle on.

Catch you soon.




  1. Photos please of the proving box in the making, interested to see what you come up with

  2. Family history research is a great thief of time, but it is WONDERFUL. Mine tends to go on the backburner for a year or so and then I get the urge to do some more. At one time it looked like we would be moving to Devon and then I could have looked at lots of primary sources and parish records at the Devon FHS, but that dream has perished.

    You have some good names to research - e.g. they are not the commonest of names (or perhaps they are in your area!) so you should get lots of connections. Great that you have so many family photographs too. My husband's family had a wonderful album - loaned to another family member for their shop window display - and never given back.

  3. Hi Dawn

    Will provide you with the photos once I have it altogether and once I have test driven it.

    Hi BB

    I have done the Family History research on and off for over 25 years. Its a good couple of years since I last touched it and I just got the urge the other day do deal some more with it. It is a great thief of time - I do love your turn of phrase.

    Is the move off then or have you still got it on the market.

    Yes we have some unusual names not easy to spell when you are a child but hey ho I eventually got over that one. Where I live now is not where I was born - I was born in the Lincoln Division of Gainsborough right in the middle of the wilds. I was 11 years old before I realised my Granddad's family were from London. He spoke without any accent but could drop into the cockney rhyming slang at the drop of the hat. He was born in Bow Bells. Just recently I have inherited a load of photos from my Dad which I have to scan and copy for my brother so I think doing the research is going to work well in hand with doing this. Apparently on my Nan's side of the family the Coxons her father had a bible going back to the year dot. That however we suspect went with his second wife and not back to family members. However I do have most of the individual family Bibles including my Great Granddad's. In it he has recorded the weight of each individual child. My Granddad was the heaviest at 16lb. I bet my Great Grandmother knew she was having him. Ouch.

    Its always sad when family assets go astray. I am doing a set of everything for my brother and eventually when I meet my mortal coil my copies of Ellingford assets will go to one of my brother's children with the other brother receiving the copy that I am doing for him. Then they will both have a sense of history and from where they were from and the characters and strength. That is what has intrigued me the most.

    Take care




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