Friday, 22 January 2016

Getting things together

Well since OH bought me the Big Shot Die Cutting Machine I have been busy squirrelling away dies and embossing folders purchased from various sources.  At the moment they are predominantly Christmas orientated although I have been going for flower patterned items and consumables as well and I am slowly building up my stash.  It is not just for paper I am also acquiring the patchwork dies too and knowing me it will go on to all sorts of other things as well. 

I am particularly cross with myself as when I went to Colemans I had the chance of buying two cupcake collar dies but decided to leave them at that time. (I had already spent quite a bit of money by then and was feeling more than a little guilty) so I erred on the side of caution. I am hoping that when I go again they will have some more; I don't think that they would still be there.  I shall have to have a good old nosey.  Cup cake collars usually cost quite a bit to buy so it would be nice if not only I made the cupcakes but made the trimmings as well.  One for the shopping list I think.  This list is a bit like Topsy its starting to grow and grow.

One little tip I have picked up from my friend Margaret though is that where the dies and embossing folders are concerned I should keep a little book to take out with me when I go to craft places so that I can check I have not got a particular die rather than duplicate it. So I now have a little book in the handbag as my memory is not as good as it used to be.

My Internet friend Dawn writes a super little self-sufficiency blog called "Doing it for Ourselves".  The link is here and is well worth a visit.

Dawn in a previous life used to run a Craft Business and she also writes a little blog called

There are some tabs along the top of the page where Dawn has various things crafty for sale if you are interested, but she also pops up some very interesting posts about the crafting she has been doing and also about the different craft "shows" she attends..

Go and take a peek I think both blogs are well worth the look.

Catch you later



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