Friday, 22 January 2016

Good Evening Ladies - A Site for some Freebies

As you are all aware this year I am determined to make as much as I can by way of Christmas presents and I have already started collating lots of links and patterns together in order that when I do settle down to play and it is not that long off I will have a place or places where the links and patterns are easily accessible and I can start to motor.  It will not be long before OH goes fishing again when the lighter nights really come back which means if I get myself organised with the housework I should be able to play and really start to plough through the things I really want to do.  I have most of the materials collated together - I am a planner that is what I do whenever I have a go at anything and get everything together piecemeal and then start - I am the same with the decorating.

Many of you may have heard of the Craftsy site the link is here if you want to have a look around

They predominantly provide tuition/courses which you pay for although they do freebies and you can create an account and access those freebies as and when.  I have managed to collate quite a few over the past five years or so, but what I had not appreciated until this evening was that they also do free patterns for sewing, knitting and crochet as well as other bits and bobs and providing supplies to make the projects.

I went into the patterns section and it asks you to sort by lowest or highest in range.  If you select lowest price it should bring up the freebies first.  You can then click into the link and it will give you an option to download the pattern.  You can click back and load the next one or you can click individually and load them one at a time but there is a whole host of lovely patterns available lovely things that can be made out of what on the face of it uninspiring combinations but there is some really lovely stuff there.  You can create your own account with them - best to do this it costs nothing and then you can store the patterns there to access anytime you choose.

If you just want to look at the patterns section here is the link to go straight to

If you just want to have a loo at the courses (the ones you have to pay for click here:
If you look on the right hand toolbar it will give you a selection of items available and there is a tab called free mini classes and that is where you will find the free video tutorials.

I thought I would share as it is useful to find providers who offer freebies but sometimes you cannot find them for looking unless someone points you in the right direction.

I hope this helps and will catch up again soon.



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