Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Good Evening

Sorry I have not been around today to post but things have been hectic here again and I still have not got the planned jobs completed.  I have been out again this evening as well; but I have been amongst friends which has been lovely.

I am desperate to get some work done.  I am in tomorrow evening so I might be able to get a wriggle on then.

Tonight the OH has dined on Steak from Lidl and he reckons its some of the best steak he has ever eaten.  Was a rib eye.

Me I have had a crab pate sandwich and trifle.

We have a herb roasted stuffed chicken for tea tomorrow evening together with lots of veggies.  I am hoping that there will be some meat left on the bone so that I can get either a chicken curry or a cream of chicken soup on the go as a bonus meal or two utilising the carcass to make chicken stock.  I also bought some spinach today which I intend to use for home made pizza on Friday evening together with some fried onions, goats cheese, ordinary strong cheddar some tomato slices and spinach oh and a little garlic.

And in the meantime I have ordered a couple of items that should make my life easier when it comes to food canning/bottling.  I have ordered one of these which in effect is a giant hot water bath for preserving fruits.  I am still after the proper canner which I intend to purchase in due course but thought in the interim this would help me a lot and save all the struggling on the top of the cooker.  This together with my baby steriliser for bottling juices etc should make my life a lot easier and enable me to process more than I have been doing.  I purchased it from Amazon for those interested here is a link to the details.  It has a thermostat and a timer.

Product Details

I have also ordered the fruit extraction unit to go on top.  Hopefully they should be with me tomorrow.


  1. That looks useful Trisha. You'll be like a kid with a new toy this week!

  2. I bought a similar one a few years back, but only used it once or twice. I found it more awkward than just a large pan on the stove. It took up a lot of storge space too. I ended up giving it to a friend.

  3. Lots of bottling on the horizon then, I intended doing a lot more canning this year, more of the meat rather than just put it all in the freezer.

  4. Hi BB the monster has arrived and it is big but that is what I wanted to be able to process in bulk. Still haven't got to play with it but that will come.

    Hi Mrs L nice to see you over here. One of my problems is that I literally do not have much of a kitchen certainly not big enough to store basic tools in half of which I have to keep in the dining room and spare bedroom and just fish it out when I need it. This therefore fits the bill in that regard and is easily stored on top of my wardrobe in the spare room together with the juicing extractor. All I will say lucky friend. Hope you are keeping well.

    Hi Dawn

    Yes lots of bottling planned for this year. My Mum and my Nan used to do loads and there was always a pudding of some sorts on the table made from the bottled fruit. They salted beans but did not bottle any veggies. The veggies used to go into chutneys, wines as did the apples. I still intend to have a canner to do things like meat and veggies to give more option and control over what is going on to the table. I also want to try some more things on the charcuterie front. I have been collating recipes or links under pinterest to have a further dabble as I really enjoyed doing the bacon and the salmon not this Christmas gone but Christmas before. What meats have you tried so far and are you pleased with the results. Would love to hear more




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