Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Notes from the Kitchen 05 January 2016 - Part 3 Pickled Onions and Pickled Shallots

I still have two nets of Shallots and a net of Pickling Onions to process.  Even though I processed quite a lot in the run up and before Christmas I did not have enough time to get these done. I am not going to waste them though. I am going to process them and get them done and out the way especially at the way we are chomping (I say we but I mean he) is chomping his way through them at the moment.  So in hindsight it is probably a good thing that I am going to have some replacements.

I think in total I had 6 stone of onions in all to process.  And they go so well with cheese a big thing in this house we both love it.

After the veggies are done for the freezer tonight - I hope to start processing these with a view to getting them finished off tomorrow night (that is one batch).  I will process the others on Thursday evening.

We have a chicken lattice tart thingy for tea.  Something new from M & S.  Thought would try and if liked would try and reproduce.  After all I have all the kitchen equipment.

I also have a new food mixer courtesy of my brother.  More on that later.

Have a good day and catch you soon.




  1. Hope you manage to get all your work done in the kitchen tonight. I'm excited to hear about your mixer, I have a kenwood chef that I totally love and use almost daily (except not at the mo because my husband is on a diet so I have strict instructions to cease all baking!) Love fluffy

  2. Hi Fluffy managed to get the jobs done still not managed to play with my new mixer.OH is diabetic so I make cakes to take to work and no doubt I will send my brother and family the odd one or two.

    Take care




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