Sunday, 3 January 2016

Notes from the kitchen 3 January 2016

On planning and plotting there are a lot of ideas floating around in my head at the moment and I have a lot to do and so little time to do things.  I have started carrying a notebook around in my handbag so that if an idea takes my fancy or a recipe I have it to hand.  Obviously this is more an aide memoire of the things I am planning to do and the thoughts running riot in my head.  Hopefully some sense will come out of it in the end somewhere along the line

My little notebook consists of lists of the preserves I would like to make this year and has a list of titles of books I am looking to get hold of, shopping lists of things that I would like, the Christmas present list for this last year, household items that need replacing and of things that need doing generally around the house.  They are not in any particular order but hopefully some kind of order will come out of them somewhere down the line.

There's a list of things to make thus far:

New ironing board cover - I have some floral vintage cotton which I think would be ideal for making a couple of nice sturdy ironing board covers.
Cotton work aprons
Hooked rugs
Hot water bottle covers  - I had fancied crocheting them
Birthday cards
Birthday present tags
Home made wrapping paper
Grow mustard and cress

A list of recipes to look for which I am hoping can be accomplished over the Internet which I can then print off and laminate them into recipe cards I can use over and over

Cakes to make  - new recipes to try new dishes

Chutneys and preserves to make

Different ways of serving things i.e. homemade rice pudding with home bottled rhubarb or apples or plums.

For Christmas

Home made Christmas crackers for next year's Christmas table.
Christmas cards
Christmas gift tags
Home made wrapping paper
Heirloom bead baubles
Dried Pomanders
Cinnamon garlands
Door wreaths
Christmas puddings
Christmas cakes
Nans Fruitbread
Putting stuff in the freezers for Christmas
Christmas Decorations

And that is just for starters

Then there is all the crochet work I need to get finished and

Then maybe I will be able to play with my paper crafting.

Perhaps the most sensible place to start will be with the fresh foods that need using up and not wasting first.  I absolutely hate waste.

Right I had better do a stock check and get back to you soon.

Catch you all soon.



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