Monday, 4 January 2016

Notes from the kitchen Part 2 - 04 January 2016

I bought a stalk of Brussel Sprouts for Christmas and even though they are keeping well and fresh on the stalk (that's why I buy them like this if I can) it is time to get them prepared and into the freezer so that I can just pull a bag of Brussels out when I need them.

I also have some parsnips and carrots to prepare in the same way.  I have spent good money on them and so for a little time and effort it is time to squirrel them away so that we have good eating during these winter months.

These are the two projects for tonight when I get home from work.  I also have a little bit of ironing to do and more washing so before I know it the evening will be gone.

But hey its a start to the first wee back at work and getting back into the old routine.

Catch you later on




  1. I always peel and cut parsnips into the size that I want, parboil them and toss in a little oil then open freeze them. When I want to roast some I can just tip out the exact amount that I want. I have done this with carrot and swede as well if they start getting a bit soft. I have caught up with the washing but the ironing mountain is looming, it will be done today for sure.

  2. I just prepared some broccoli and carrots for the freezer yesterday. These little jobs save waste and time in the long run. Enjoying your posts as always pattypan, love fluffy


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