Sunday, 31 January 2016

Progress of a Kind

Well that is the dining room nearly done and dusted and it has been washed out within an inch of its life.  I still have the dressers to wash and polish and to rearrange the contents on the shelves but I am pleased to report we are slowly getting there.  I love it when everywhere is lovely and clean and it smells "clean".  I have been using a Dettol cleaner (blue in colour) but it smells lovely and fresh and none too harsh like bleach can.

OH has also started to decorate and paint out the computer/craft room and I am chuffed with the colour scheme which is called "Putting Green" by Dulux and I like it.  It suits the room in question together with white paintwork it should look lovely and fresh.   It is only small so we wanted nothing too light or too dark.  Also seriously impressed with the paint - no pong and no chemical pong either.  Once he has finished in there it will be time to wash everything down including the floor and arranging things how we want them.  I would quite like some shelves above the desk so that I can pop up some of my craft and needlework magazines into magazine holders in order that I can access them more readily.  I might be able to put my craft drawers in here too with a bit of luck.  The one that holds all my dies and embossing folders.

We also popped some more stuff in the attic.  Am going to have to look at putting a floor down here so that we can pop some more stuff up safely.  I was thinking along the lines of putting some boards down with screws in so that if we ever left we could take it with us, and could potentially be used elsewhere but that it gives us safe storage space in the meantime.  I do have quite a lot of sorting to do not something that can be done just like that - this is going to take some time.  I am hoping once the craft room/computer room is done that I will be able to start focusing on getting some of those UFOs out of the way and also start making some little presents or the home made Christmas stash as well as the patchwork

I am hoping to get quite a bit of decorating done this year to freshen everywhere up - its been a while since it has been done.  I also want to get the garden sorted out as well so that we can use it for family barbecues etc. and I also want to grow a little veg.  I always do my own herbs in the border outside the back door.  Might get some fruit bushes - thinking specifically Raspberries here.  There is nothing more lovely than having a wander down the garden picking a few fresh raspberries and then having them with your breakfast cereal; that to me is a lovely start to the day.

We have had a lovely tea tonight a Steak and Onion Pie from the Brampton Pie shop for tea this evening served with Mashed potato put through the ricer and then mashed with the masher and it came up buttery light and tasty.  I always add a little butter and milk as well.  We also had crushed carrot and swede broccoli and cauliflower and peas with lots of gravy and it was just what the Doctor ordered  as it is absolutely bitter out.  Now that the lock on the back door has been replaced although still a little draughty the door is fitting much better and the house is warmer.  OH still has dining room door to sort out then once that is done I can lock the cats in the dining room for the night and keep the house and them reasonably warm.

Right upwards and onwards still an awful lot to do but at least I am starting to feel as though I am starting to get there a bit.

Catch you soon.




  1. You are really getting on with things there Patty! I love it when the house is clean and tidy and things are getting done. I am getting a new floor down in half term and can't wait, we have a lot of stuff in the attic including lots of my books which really I want down, but I need a bookcase first. Im looking forward to hearing about your decorating and Christmas presents love fluffy

  2. Hi Patty
    I love the name of that paint - bet it is a beautiful colour - just after Xmas I said to you that I was going to make as many Xmas/Birthday presents as I could this year to help save money - well I've made 2 birthday and 1 Xmas present this month - before Xmas I saw a picture in a magazine for a cable knit slouchy hat which had a little pearl bead in the heart of the cable, it was priced at £27 and I thought I could make one of those cheaper than that and I have and it cost me £1.20 to make - a bit of a difference.its put away now as a Xmas present for next year. I've also made some egg cup cosy's for my Grandchildren too - you are doing really well with all your spring cleaning - I like to use zoflora disinfectant - its quite strong, you only need a tiny amount in a bucket of water sorry I've rattled on a little xxx

  3. Hi Trudie, it is a pretty green paint not dark or harsh and it matches my curtains which are pretty pair of rose panelled curtains. Its just the right green.

    I still intend to make pressies where I can - I have a friend's birthday coming up and she does a lot of travelling so I thought I might make her a litte roll up jewellery holder - just a little something and then a home made card. I will start to get organised with the making of things when OH goes fishing again when in the nicest possible sense I will be able to concentrate and get on with things without being interrupted. You have been busy but I like the sound of your cable knit slouchy. I have never done cable knitting yet it is on my list to try. I am pleased that the bulk of the cleaning has been dealt with. I too use zoflora frequently throughout the house but I really do rate the Dettol blue cleaner the house smelled lovely after using it.. You never rattle on Trudie lovely as always. Take care and please keep safe.




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