Sunday, 10 January 2016

Saturday Roundup

I have been busy in the kitchen and I have had a visit to the local shops as well.  We are having homemade Toad in the Hole with roasted onion and herbs mixed into the Yorkie pudding mix just to make a little change, roasties, mashed potato carrot and swede crush, fresh sprouting broccoli and a few peas and some gravy and I think that will do us for tonight's tea.  Oh and there is an Apple strudel (bought) for pudding which will last us a couple of nights served with home made custard.  With this cold weather you need insulation on the inside.  I use the small cooker on the oven and stuff it as full as I can to keep costs down a little and I do the veggies in a three tier steamer basket. 

I managed to get some reduced goodies of cauliflower cheese for 50p a pot and some prepared potatoes in goose fat for 28p a tray so I snaffled a couple of those each.  A couple of melons at 30p each and couple of trays of carrot and swede crush.  It all helps keep the costs down a little. I also bought a couple of bags of mixed veg for 35p per bag.

I also bought some more apples to pop up will probably bottle now that I have the Monster to bottle them in.

On Monday I think I will be going into town to get my plastic box with lid and probably a rack of some kind to  pop the dough on so that the heat circulates well in the box.  I will pop up some photos once I have things sorted and working to my satisfaction.

Well tea was very tasty and OH soon polished it off - if nothing else he gets fed pretty well.  We are not having a roast tomorrow as I cooked tonight and will have a scratch tea

I have been doing some more family research and the names are popping out of the hat giving me names of relatives even if not the exact dates of birth etc. which I had previously unknown.  Now to prove the links and to order the certificates.  It will be cheaper to go direct to the main Registry to order certificates.  Part of the problems start when you have family members with the same names and perhaps same birth year.  I have found a couple of entries that are actually my family member and they have not got the right photo for.  I on the other hand do have photos so that will be something to put right in due course. 

This evening I have been uploading some photographs to give the names a face after all this time.  I still have loads more to go though and I also have original birth certificates etc., copy Wills there is a lot of information to obtain and I also have to order some certificates although I do not think I will be doing this via Ancestry but will be ordering online direct from the Registry as it works out cheaper.

I have also found that some relatives who I had met as a youngster a couple of times have also passed on.  

So as usual I have too much to do and too little time to do it.

Its been an awfully wet night here in Peterborough - apparently the river is quite up high here to, but I feel so sorry for those who have been doubly hit throughout the country with rain, flooding and then snow.  Poor souls.  I hope things get better for them soon as I would hate to be in that situation.

Right must meander like a river.

Catch you later




  1. Hi Trishia
    You are right to get family certificates direct! I found when I requested a certificate of a relative I wasn't sure of the registrar wouldn't issue it as it wasn't connected and sent back the cheque. Hopefully yours will be as good! The thought of toad in the hole has started me off - I'll HAVE to make one this week ;o)
    Sending best wishes as always
    Rose H

  2. A few years back I started tracing the family tree, ended u with sheets of paper stuck to the wall trying to organise it all, found out some interesting stuff

    1. It is very interesting and gripping at times. I print off stuff as I go and keep it in folders this way I am keeping a paper trail for myself more than anything else as the information on line tends to change and the tree online but I do have the option of downloading it to my desktop as well. I have been down to the public records office in London with my friend on about four different occasions spending the day down there on the ledgers and the microfiche. Then trying to sort out who belongs with who. There are lots of stories that we have grown up with over the years - the male members in particular are good at storytelling but I think over the years the stories have been embellished here and there and I am trying as much as I can to try and put those stories in context where I can. I find it very rewarding though.

      Take care



  3. Hi Rose

    Thanks for the confirmation I believe that Ancestry are charging double what it should cost. As long as you have the record details and codings there never used to be a problembut perhaps this is something that they have tightened up on. Sometimes you just do not know whether you have the right person until you see the actual certificate.

    The toad in the hole went down very well proper comfort food.

    I hope you are keeping well and its lovely to see you commenting again.

    Take care and best wishes to you and yours too. Pattypan xx


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