Monday, 4 January 2016

Shock to the System

That is being back in work for a full week.  Fortunately I have next Monday off and I am hoping it will be a day to play although I must make an appointment to go and see the Doctor who has been wanting to see me for a while.  So I really must go before they get stroppy with me.  And to be absolutely honest I have not really been up to scratch since losing mum.  Have been a bit down for me - which I do not cope well with.  So last night I gave myself a good talking to and I am trying to be more positive.  I think I have sessions like this more than anything because of the pain.  When it is constant there is no let up and that's really when I get low.  But hey I am a lot luckier than others.  These are issues that I am having to face (as are so many other people).  However though I am determined not to let them rule my life.  When people cannot see an issue they do not realise that pain can be quite as debilitating as it is.  So I am on another experiment for a couple of weeks.  I am having a cup of ginger and lemon tea or a couple during the day to see if that will help with the pain and ease me up a bit.  Will see how it goes can but try.

I am busy in the kitchen although not with what I had planned to be.  The veggies will have to be deferred until tomorrow night.  Wednesday I am out hopefully then I am in for the rest of the week.  Have things to do as usual too many but I am going to keep plugging away at them and try not to get down.

I have bought a couple of more dies at dinner.  I was not intending to but they spoke to me.  Well that's my excuse and I am sticking to it.

I have however managed to get two sets of drawers home from Wilkinsons.  They instead of being £15 each were reduced to £10.  So I have bought two.  These are for sorting my craft stuff out or at least some of it.  I could really do with two more.  I am going to have to speak nicely to OH.

Right my lovelies I really am going to have to get a wriggle on.

Catch you later on.




  1. am so glad I dont have the go to work routine anymore, I used to hate the first few days back after a break, hope all goes well with the doctors

  2. Sorry to read that you are feeling a bit low, but I think it's entirely natural after losing your Mum. It's such a whirl after a loved one passes with all the arrangements and sorting out afterwards and I'm certain the mind is so occupied that it takes a while for it to catch up with the situation. Fingers crossed that ginger and lemon tea sounds so soothing I hope it helps. Sending a 1[[hug}}
    Rose H

  3. Just wanted to send a few hugs your way. Constant/chronic pain is such a difficult thing to live with and when you are grieving at the same time, life can get very hard. Don't forget that grief plays havoc with your immune system, so try to be gentle with yourself, do what you need to do however you need to do it. Let others help as well if you wish them to. Good wishes and many blessings.

  4. Some good advice here - life is so hard when you lose such a close family member and to be devilled by constant pain as well is very debilitating. Make that Dr's appt. and I hope you can have a Crafting Day as planned.

  5. Hi Dawn

    Still haven't managed to get in at the Doctors and hopefully one day I will have a choice about what I can and cannot do when it comes to work. Until then I have to keep plodding. One day though.

    Hi Rose

    I am okay its just things got to a head with pain and some days you cope better than others but I am a lot brighter this week but then I have done a lot of sleeping too. The honey and lemon and ginger drink has been very refreshing and I think it has been doing some good as well. Less pain this week.


    Thank you for the hugs. I am sending you some back too as I know you have had a difficult time. I hope you feel better soon. I hadn't realised that grief impacted on the immune system that would explain a lot as most of my issues are immune system based. Take care nice to see you here.

    BB still no doctors appointment although receptionist said she would ring on Tuesday to see if they can get me in for an evening appointment.

    Take care ladies and thank you for all your support.




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