Monday, 25 January 2016

Sunday Roundup On a Monday Morning

Trust me to be a little behind - truth is I have toothache which is not assisting matters in the slightest.  So I have a Doctors appointment to try and squeeze in somewhere this week and also a Dentist Appointment as well as trying to sort the house out in readiness for the Gas Service Engineer next Saturday morning at 10:00am.  He is quite something else we suspect he has undiagnosed Tourette's syndrome and he can be quite appalling but the truth of the matter is I don't think he has any inkling just how bad he is.  We or should I say I tolerate him just about (OH is not quite so tolerant ) but he can be quite obnoxious.  We have to let him in for the service once a year.  He has a date to come in by and yet despite coming to the house ever since we have lived in it he still manages to call a few days before the appointment and expect to be let in there and then.  He reckons has phoned to make appointments (we have no voicemail messages) but if he did why is he phoning me at home when he knows to phone me either on my work number or mobile which are much easier to get me on.  Funny when he did get hold of me he rang on the works phone  - so he does know.  Nothing is ever his fault its always someone else's.  Trouble is his kind of attitude really gets me down and smacks of bullying.  Why is it other people always assume you are not busy and that they can drop in and when they like?

Still hard at it in the kitchen we are getting there very slowly.  We did not get out to get the kitchen flooring or the shelving for under the unit but might nobble the OH tomorrow.  He has not been very well today so I did not hassle him.  However he has some work to do when he gets home from work this week.  He still has the doors to fix in the dining room and in the bathroom  - I bought the new inner bits last weekend.  I want to be able to keep the cats out of the kitchen as I have a repaint to do and I do not want them furring up everything I have painted nor a cream stripe to remove from their fur.  Back door needs a new lock, but really could do with a brand new door.  That is something that can be raised on the inspection.

The washing machine has also been cleaned as has the dishwasher to de-gunk them so that they work more efficiently and I have been tidying and washing the cupboards out as I go.  I have the horror cupboard to face next being as I am just a short shrimp I cannot reach the cupboards on the wall without a step stool so cannot always get right into the back of the wall cupboard.  That is about to be rectified though.

I have nearly seen the bottom of the washing pile as well which is a good thing.  Now its out of the washing pile its into the ironing pile so I will work at that where I can.  That can be worked at early mornings or late night when you have things to do but cannot go about noisy jobs etc. because of the neighbours.

I do not know whether I am having a hot flush but it seems to have gone very mild today - I do not have the heating on a present as a result.

I cheated tonight for a meal we have had a Chinese with me being busy it has been the easiest option so that we got fed.  The Largest Slow cooker is coming out tomorrow as I have some stewing steak and am going to make a stew so all that have to do when OH comes in from work is to do some mashed potato and serve with some bread and that should be a nice filling meal to keep us going.  If there is plenty left which I hope there will be OH can take some to work for himself and step-son to have warmed up in the microwave at work.  Should keep them both fed.

Although I have a lot of work to do this week whilst I am off  - I do intend to have a bit of a play here and there all work and no play.....

Catch you later.



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