Monday, 11 January 2016

Tomorrow I am at Home for the Day

Although sadly I will not be crafting.  I have to re-arrange the pantry.  Its my own fault I should not have bought the tins that jumped into my shopping trolley or the large bottles of passata (49p a bottle) some chickpeas at 29p per can,and umpteen other things but when you see things at very cheap prices and the long stop date on them is still viable for another six months or so a girl just does what a girl has to do.  We paid a visit to a store in March called B&M and certainly on the food front I have picked up some bargains - on items that are not the run of the mill sort of stuff even.

I picked up the following:

2 jars Napolina Tomato and Basil sauce at 0.79 per jar = £1.58
2 stacks of 5 tins of Ocean Tuna in brine £2.59 per 5 = £5.18
6 bottles of Passata £0.49 per bottle = £2.94
2 tubs potted beef @ £0.79 per pot = £1.58
1 x 1.5 Heinz tomato ketchup £2.99
Ye Old Oak American style hotdogs 2 £0.99 = £1.98
Chick peas £029 per can = £1.16
4 x tins of strawberries @ £0.55 per tin
2 x 100g bags chocolate chips @ £0.69 per pack
Heinz tomato soup 4 x 0.50 per can = £2.00
250g Marmite £2.29

There was other stuff too but being as I keep a tinned cupboard pantry store I am always on the lookout for useful additions.

They cover not just food, but cleaning stuff, gardening stuff, home stuff, some furniture, gardening stuff etc. etc. 

I shall be going back on the food front and also to look at the gardening stuff.

I have been coveting a proper pair of sheepskin mule slippers for a while but I was not going to pay the going price.  Walked into B & M today and I have found a pair of Love Sheepskin mule slippers that should have been £30 at £14.99 so they found their way into my trolley and I must say they are lovely and warm and comfortable.   I am highly chuffed.  This particular brand had been recommended to me by a friend and colleague at work and I must say they are fantastic.

After that we had a little trip to Lidl as I needed some bread from the bakery and I had a little top up there but only a top up (a basket) not a shopping trolley.

We did not have much for tea this evening, just a cooked gammon sliced, some cheese fresh bread and pickle washed down with a nice glass of squash each lemon and pear Robinsons very nice it is too.

So not a bad day on the food front.  I am conscious of keeping the pantry pretty well stocked as if and when you hit a lean time it means that you do not have to go out and buy stuff but make use of what you have.  I tend to do a really good stock up and then gradually wind things down and then replenish so that I get the best use for the food and for my money.  Lets put it this way we do not do badly.

I have been suffering very badly this year from the Raynauds my hands are literally freezing up just from going round to the shop from the house with my thermal gloves on and they have just gone.  So I have had the heat on today as it has  been bitter and the forecast for the rest of the week is not good it would seem that winter is well and truly arriving.  Forecasts speak of it being a bad winter in that it will be similar to that of 1962.  I hope not for everyones sake; although the weather has been speaking of it and so has my body and there have been loads of berries in the bushes.  The winter of 1962 that is the winter I developed arthritis as a child and had stiffness and eventually paralysis in my legs.  I have been stiff like that this year already.  Villages were snowed in main roads  between towns were hazardous to say the least and they used to put the snow fences up.  Do you remember them used to go up every autumn to protect drifting on vulnerable roads.  Not something you see often of today.  Just make sure if you are in a vulnerable location that you have stockpiles and emergency supplies to get you through.  On that little note take care and keep safe and warm where you can.

Catch you soon.




  1. My daughter has Raynards she as some gloves that have a pocket to put a little heat pad in, her feet also suffer, I have to go into swansea today not looking forward to it, havent been into a big town for almost a year.

  2. Sorry you aren't able to craft. I am doing lots of housework this morning so I can get my machine down this afternoon and so some quilting.

    I have to say, if you suffer from Raynauds and your house is freezing, heating is a necessity of life and I hope you can afford to have it on a little longer to help your condition.

    A fair amount of emergency supplies here, just for the average winter, but we have doubled up on cat tins and biscuits and will get in a few extra things for ourselves that we might run out of if we can't get down (or up) our hill . . .

  3. Hi Dawn I have had Raynauds since I was about 23. It has progressively got worse over the past 2 years in particular. My friend at work also has it. I was bought a secret santa at Christmas a pair of thinsulate padded fleece gloves with a battery in to keep my hands warm. The gloves are brilliant on their own and thus far have kept my hands very warm without using the battery. I also have a pair of Thinsulate fleece lined woollen gloves that are also brilliant. I bought my purple ones from Go Outdoors. Both sets of gloves are pretty effective. With my feet I have thick socks on at all times with boots(I wear trousers for the most part to work on a practical basis). Hope you do not feel overwhelmed by your trip into Swansea. That's one of the things I do not like about living in town although for the best part I am pretty lucky where I am. Its just when people have parties and become unsociable then I wish was in the countryside in my own patch miles from anywhere. Hope your trip goes well.


  4. Hi BB

    I always have the house as warm as I can. But equally don't have it on for the sake of it. But if I am cold then on it goes. OH has the other problem he gets too warm. Just wish could open the fires up it would really make the house warm. The gas boiler is pretty efficient but I am always conscious that if we have power strikes or whatever we are stuck when it comes to heating. By choice I have never been one to put all my eggs in one basket and have always made sure there are always a couple of options for keeping the house warm. Heating and keeping warm is not negotiable. It is something that has to be done.

    Glad to hear you are getting stocked up just in case. Even though we have not been badly affected compared to the rest of the country by the weather the rivers are level with the banks. They stop the water at Northampton and then when there is flooding up country it is released and makes its way downstream. Just out of Peterborough the water becomes tidal on Whittlesey wash there is quite a big flood plain for the Nene but part of the original flood plain they have built on because for years it did not flood. Big mistake.

    Glad to hear you are taking precautions and stocking up. Think its safest place being on a hill these days. Take care and enjoy your crafting.




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