Monday, 11 January 2016

Well its been a busy day

I am full of cold again but then it is blooming cold outside.  It is snug in here fortunately its not been long since I put the heating on.  It had got a tad chilly. And we have had supper so simple things cannot be bad just some crumpets but they went down well.

I have had a busy day although I have not got into the pantry yet, I ended up doing a detour with something else.  We have also been out to B & Q as well as a couple of door handles have gone naff and we needed new innards and I also need some new kitchen flooring.  Its been down about 20+ years so its due for a change  The kitchen needs a good sorting out so that is what I intend to do during the course of the week. 

Then OH was looking for his CV and being a male and being very impatient could not wait and could not find it and caused bedlam in the process.  I ended up turning everything out looking for it and then it was so out of date that it needs retyping.  However that will be a job for tomorrow evening. 

As my computer is a new one I needed to load Word but I had a bit of a hiccup when it came to loading this as it proved a tad difficult but I think it is done now.  I have also loaded Skype and we nearly had a bit of a moment with that but I think that has loaded too.  Our computers are in the back bedroom and sometimes the signal is a little slow but it gets there eventually.  Slowly things are coming together with the computer and I hope the crafts too.  Still a lot of sorting but Rome was not built in a day and as long as I get there that's all that matters.

The good thing about that was that I had to put some of my crafting stuff away in my drawers so they are tucked away ready for me to use.  Still need organising and I need to get some storage folders but we will get there.  Rome wasn't built in a day, but even though I have only had the Big Shot a little while I am starting to get some nice embossing folders and dies together.  Quite a few are Christmas orientated. 

Dawn am always in the market for considering dies and folders! 

This will be very useful for me in the summer months when OH goes fishing as I will be able to get on in the craft room/computer room without disruption.

The big thing will be getting the kitchen decorated just needs fresh paint and maybe a stencil border, new flooring down and everything back in its place.  The dining room door that leads into the kitchen is one of the offenders where the bar mechanism snapped so hopefully OH can put that right then I can close the kitchen off (as it gets cold) and confine the cats to the dining room overnight to keep them warm as well.

The bathroom could do with some paint also but that will be easily achieved. The flooring is still good in there fortunately. So the paint job should be easily achieved.  There is also a door to the loo where the door handle bar has snapped as well so OH has that to attend to as well.

The dining room floor will need replacing and I will need to redecorate in there to tidy things up.

The stairs will need decorating but the front Lounge will do.  The bedroom and the computer room/craft room will need painting. I have the paint for the computer room/craft room a pretty mint green.

So there is a lot of work to be done to tidy things up in the next few months, but it does need doing.

Right upwards and onwards.

Catch you soon.




  1. I haven't forgotten the dies and folders, unfortunately I cant get into the store room until Martin is back, he has stacked the panels for the goat house in front of the doors, Thursday Friday I should be able to sort them out

  2. That's okay Dawn no hurry - just did not know whether you had seen my reply. Hope today went well. Thank you and take care. Pattypan


  3. I like getting my house in order. I too am getting a new floor in the dining room and living room infact I was just looking at samples today! Looking forward to hearing about your decorating, love fluffy x

  4. Hi Fluffy,we live in our house so it can be untidy but one thing I do not like is it being messy and this flooring is coming to the end of its useful life. We have had our monies worth out of it. It is time for clean and fresh flooring and a lick of paint to tidy it up and probably some new handles for the kitchen cupboard doors. Will have to have a look on ebay as I need about 16. I also would like a proper large larder style fridge. I have seen one I quite like but I have a problem in that I am not quite sure where to sight it if I buy one. So I am still pondering that one. Hope you are keeping well and thanks for popping by.




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