Monday, 18 January 2016

Well its been a quiet day

here although it has been a cold one.  On speaking with a friend apparently we did have a sprinkling of snow at midnight but when I got up this morning there was not very much of it to be seen.  Fortunately I managed to get the house nice and warm so we have been snug.  Its been a pottering sort of day not really doing anything in particular.  Demetri wanted out earlier on so I obliged.  Left him about an hour he was on the fence but no way was he coming in.  Then when I went upstairs all you could hear was him screaming to come in.  It think it was a tad cold for him because he did not hang around like he had done earlier on.

A lot of washing has been done today, I still have some more to do.  I wear a lot of jumpers and tend to either hand wash them or pop them in the machine then dry them on a coat hanger in the warmth of the house but that is time consuming but it does save my jumpers so I get a reasonable amount of wear out of them.

For tea this evening we have had a small piece of beef; brisket and very tasty it was too.  I picked it up for £7 and we have had mashed potato, carrot and swede crush, mixed veg and some sprouting broccoli with lashings of gravy.  Followed by apple strudel and custard.  It went down very well.  I also picked up a chicken which will come in for  a roast meal, followed by wraps for pack-up during the week or alternatively a chicken stew and soup from the carcass. There is a little bit of beef left from tea if there is enough it will go into a stir fry.  If there is not enough then it will be Hunters Chicken for tea tomorrow evening and maybe Missy and the cats will get a bit of a treat depends on how much is left  - OH did the carving tonight so I do not know.

My mojo still seems to be absent cannot get motivated at the minute and I really need to as too much to do as usual.  Need to get a wriggle on as they say although very gently as my back has been playing up since Thursday night and I cannot lay down for long without putting some ibruprofen on.

Keep well and safe wherever you are.

Catch you soon.




  1. Sounds like some tasty meals.. Hope your back bears up and you feel better soon.. Have a great week..xo

  2. Hi Faye lovely to hear from you. When it gets bitterly cold here in the UK you have to fee the soul as well as the spirit and the body. Good solid filling food is the order of the day then. My back is better than it was Faye - I have a problem with it in any event but I put it down to too much dancing on Friday night. You also have a good week. Take care and thanks for popping by.

    Tricia (aka Pattypan)



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