Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Well its the Dining Room now

That is getting my serious attention in the cleaning department but needs must and all that.  Or perhaps it should be called the dumping room where everyone pops something down and then forgets to put it away. Guess who gets to clear it up!   Its the middle room between front room/lounge and the small galley kitchen the main thoroughfare through the house.  Everything is getting washed down the walls and the furniture and it if stands still it will get washed too. Quick evacuation of the premises by OH and the cats!

Mind you its starting to smell lovely and clean.  Guess you could say I have started my spring cleaning early but needs must.  Cleaning is an important task in any home.  My house may be a tad untidy to most people's eyes but I live in it, and for the best part it is always clean.  With working full time I tend to worry that things are building up and so that's when the intensive deep cleaning starts.  If I were at home all the time it would be a different kettle of fish  be able to keep better tabs on it but as a greater part of my life is spent at work with the best will in the world you cannot always keep your eye on the ball especially when you are juggling so many others at the same time; take your eye off one and they all come crashing down.

And then of course there are periods where I have absolutely had enough of working working and working so I down tools and have some me play time.  This will happen at the weekend for me.  I have a birthday card to make OH is 61 next week on 1 February and I have determined to have a go at making him a card.  We are out for a meal on Sunday lunch.  So not all work but some play time too and with good food and good company you cannot really ask for more.

I have also determined that once everything is lovely and clean again that I am going to start experimenting with making home made cheese.  I have ordered a couple of books of Amazon  - not new books second hand ones at reasonable prices.  Both are Artisan style cheese books and one in particular from the write up seems to be more in line with my feelings in respect of this.  Oh and I have also ordered some Veggie Ren - vegetarian rennet.  I had not been aware that rennet is actually an enzyme from the inside of a cow's stomach; but when I  found out that young calves were slaughtered just to produce this it did not sit well with me and I have since been looking into alternative methods of making the milk coagulate and split from the liquid part, known as the whey; you can use herbs and nettles to do this and also fruit juices but I am very much researching this and then will experiment - playing around a bit - as the natural ingredient of milk is readily available; and you know me I go for the raw ingredients half the time as it works out cheaper.   So last night before going to sleep I did a little cheese reading -  However I did sleep well it did not give me bad dreams.

One of the books I was waiting for a beginners cheese book did turn up today and that is going to make interesting reading when I eventually get sat down to have a good read.

Right upwards and onwards  a scrubbing brush, and a bucket of hot water complete with the essential Marigolds are calling.

Catch you soon.



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