Monday, 8 February 2016

Continuation of Sunday Potterings on Monday Morning

Apologies everyone I had hoped to finish and post this, this morning but real life got in the way.

What I forgot to mention yesterday was that OH has managed to get all the walls painted in the Craft Room/Computer Room and its come up very well.  He just has all the white painting to do i.e. the skirting boards, doors, window frame and ceiling but so far am very chuffed with it.  Its lovely and clean.  Still a lot more to do where that came from.  However Rome was not built in a day.

There is also a big pot of vegetable stock bubbling away.  I could not prepare all those vegetables earlier on and not use some of those good veggies for a good base stock. Utter sacrilege to waste a good resource.  This has now been packaged up and is in the freezer.  I have had a night off after yesterday's efforts and will probably finish the swede and carrot crush tomorrow.

There has been a lot in the press recently about the stores only wanting perfect produce for their shelves.  Its not natural for everything to be perfect.  Now Asda are selling wonky veg.  whatever is the world coming to.  all people want is to be able to feed themselves well and cheaply and they are more bothered about taste than looks.  come on supermarkets its about time you started playing fair with customers and producers. Tesco its about time u started paying your suppliers as soon as you have received goods not two years down the line that's disgraceful. Even more disgraceful when suppliers have gone out of business over it.  That is morally corrupt.  Stop living on other people's credit.

Today has been a tad hectic as I have had to go and see the Doctor today, which meant I was out of work early.  Everything is okay apart they are playing with my medication again.  Will have to see how it goes but the meds make me sleepy and I still have to work.

We had an early tea and I served the slow cooker casseroled chicken with mashed potato put through the potato ricer and then added spring onions cooked in milk and butter to turn it into champ.  Very delicious it was too.

OH had taken the remains of the Lasagna into work and had it for his lunch.  His colleagues polished the rest off  - they are fortunate to have the use of a microwave in the office where he works.

This evening I have had a night off.  I have been watching the new series of the X Files on Channel 5 and tonight's episode was very good indeed. The first of a new 6 part series.  Whoopee!

Its been very cold and windy here today but I know we have had it good and have been lucky as the photos of all down the South West Coast has been worrying.  I just hope everyone keeps safe, dry and warm.

Right onwards and upwards.  Tomorrow is another day as they say.

Catch you soon.



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