Thursday, 4 February 2016

Good Evening

The above is a free pattern and there is on my Pinterest board a selection of designs to buy along with some freebies.

I am slightly shattered after all the hard work last week and then being back to work full time this week; but we got what we needed to done, the gas inspection went ahead as planned and all tickety boo.  Now have to start the long de-junking problem that I have a little at a time, but I am hoping to play with some crafts this weekend.

I research quite a lot of stuff via Pinterest and I have come across a rather charming idea to make a Christmas quilt for the best part made up of red embroidered Christmas themed panels which can be made up with the addition of patchwork squares into a Christmas Quilt.

If you check out my Pinterest board on Embroidery  -

You will see several templates there some free some to purchase - I love looking at other people's work as it often inspires me to do something completely different.

I have therefore ordered some  4 metres of calico so that I can start working the embroidery panels.  I have the red embroidery skeins in my embroidery basket.  Part of the Handmade Christmas plan I have in mind.

Just something else that can be picked up and put down when time is at a minimum/premium and I want to make the most of the time that I do have.

I think this will make a rather fun interesting quilt, one or two for the settee over the Christmas period

I might well order some more calico once I have seen the quality of the calico as I have an idea for a bedroom quilt using quilted Trapunto style quilt panels intermingled with some cross stitch panels and some patchwork squares.  Reds/creams and beiges.

The time has come for me to look at my Grandmother's stool which I sit on when I am processing bulk items like pickling onions. This little stool is well over 70 years old and there is a story that it originally came from my paternal great grandmother's home (My Nan's parents' home). Its a lovely size to sit on but needs stripping down, re-staining, then oiling re-upholstering the top.  It was in its first incarnation I understand a little seagrass stool but over the years it has been chopped down and so has lost its eyes and a piece of ply placed on the top and stained and then a leatherette cover placed on top.   I think many a seagrass stool of this kind ended up like this.  Mine will have sponge, wadding and muslin and then a final cover adding to the top.  I really need to get this done as I do not want to lose the stool.  My Nan used to sit on it to process all the veggies and to wriggle in and out of her stockings!  A very early memory of my down to earth Nan.  She was a realist very warm, and very honest and if she had something to say you were going to hear it.  She was affectionately known as the "Duchess" as she could put on the airs and graces and mix with the best of them if the occasion called for it.

Right must get a wriggle on have an awful lot to do yet.

The painting in the bedroom is coming along a treat and OH has indicated wants to get it finished this weekend which will be good.

Right must get a wriggle on.

Catch you Later




  1. LOVE your Pinterest link Tricia. I think we should get together as we love similar things. That redwork Christmas throw sounds gorgeous, and the bed quilt even nicer - I love the idea of mixed-media of sewing. It's nice to have embroidery or similar you can pick up in a spare moment. (My hexi runner is the same).

    Good luck with reinventing your nan's mum's stool. I am sure it will look good for many more years now.

  2. Hi BB I think it would be very enjoyable if we got together and very dangerous as to who would be leading who astray! I just like lovely things and it does not matter if they are old and are revamped or brand new. Hopefully I will get to play seriously this year when OH commences his fishing again. Will be able to concentrate and experiment, but in the meantime I carry on collecting things together. My stool seriously does need some tlc and it will take a bit of work; yet again I have all the materials to hand but I need a dry day to scrup it down take off the awful leatherette top and restain and varnish to protect it - its a dark oak colour; pop a foam and wadding covered in calico/muslin on top and I have a red check with a dotted pattern which I think will look nice on the top, some braid and then some studs should finish it off. Yet again I have the studs somewhere It is the ideal height for sitting in the kitchen to prepare the veggies for preserving just needs more padding to make it comfy. My Nan would be pleased that I am trying to save it. I just wish I had a garage that I could kit out to do things properly. I have two sets of plain white drawers that need doing up (from my mum's and which I keep craft stuff in, a small linen cupboard that I woiuld like to deck out as a proper linen press but line it with a pretty floral fabric on the inside and then do a paint job on the outside. One day. Hope Tam is okay. Take care keep safe and warm. Pattypan xx


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