Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Day

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Will you be having Pancakes for tea tonight.  I for one certainly will.  I am rather fond of pancakes always having enjoyed them as a child simply served with sugar and orange or sugar and lemon or served with golden syrup.

Pancakes need not be sweet.  I was recently introduced to savoury pancakes with soft polish cheese in them the sort that is sold in a big round.  You mash the cheese down, add milk and eggs and some flour and whip as you normally would.  These create more of a blini but you can serve them with sweet or savoury fillings. The other year Lakeland were selling blini mats for creating different sized blinis at home I bought one of each size but I may drag my pancake maker out so OH can have what he wants in his - after all with him being diabetic we do have to be careful but I think he will like the cheese blinis - my Russian Friend Veronika introduced me to them and they really are lovely.

I have some bilberries and some cream for mine tomorrow.  I managed to get the bilberries from our new Polish shop around the corner I nabbed a couple of bags and they are now residing in the freezer.  I shall keep my eyes peeled and when I see another couple of bags I will squirrel them away.

For normal pancakes I normally pop about 6 ozs of flour in a bowl and then add three to four eggs and then a good portion of milk.  You are aiming for a thickish creamy batter so if it appears too thick add a little more milk equally if its a little too thin add a little more flour.  I do not pop any sugar in my batter.  But you can make your own batter mix to keep in the pantry and then drag out if you want it.  Pancakes do not have to be just for Shrove Tuesday they can be had anytime of the year.

I of course have all the usual suspects in - if I change my mind on the bilberries.  I have golden syrup in the Pantry, Maple Syrup, different jams (including blackcurrant, raspberry and strawberry), there is always tinned fruit or just simply with orange or lemon and sugar or I have some apples I quite fancy them a butter and sugar caramel sauce - home made of course.  Yummy.

Projects on the Agenda for the rest of the week:

  • I am also looking for some rhubarb to bottle and also to make some jam and also freeze some.  Thus far have not seen any but that does not mean to say it is not about. I shall just have to keep my eyes peeled.  Will probably have a look on the market.

  • I have some apples to use up this week and as I have some cranberries in the freezer and as I am running out of last year's cranberry and apple jelly I have decided that I will probably get this made this coming Saturday.  We use a lot of this - I shall certainly buy more cranberries next year as now I have the dehydrator to feed as well.  I might start with some apple rings this weekend  as they will go in muesli, and toasted teacakes with cinnamon if I make them myself.
  • Right am off to cook my pancakes catch you later

  • P.S.  OH is having savoury bacon and mushroom ones

  • PP

  • X


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