Sunday, 28 February 2016

Sunday morning potterings

Well after the Aerial man came yesterday and sorted out the TV, we are again tinkering with the computer/craft room.  OH is still in the throes of decorating the doors, and skirting (the rest of the painting is more or less done).  However we have my mother's 32 inch Panasonic TV currently on the large flat table blocking it up and it needs to be on the wall.  Provision for this was taken into account by the Aerial man yesterday and extra cable was left.  So this morning we have been to B & Q to find a suitable wall rack to hold the TV safely on the wall in order that the desk is clear for working on.  We have found one we like, so later on this will be popped up out of the way.  OHs back is not too clever so he is having to take it a little steady and as a result we have not ended up doing what we were going to do and go down the tip.

No doubt a little later on he will yell that he wants assistance in putting it up.

In passing though it is always the little things that cost the most or you find that you need this or that to complete what you actually want to do.  The hidden costs.  We were also looking at some lamps for the desks. I used to have a green shaded glass cashiers lamp which I used to use until a certain person broke it! I was not best pleased.  I shall have to keep my eyes peeled to see if I can replace it quite cheaply.  I have a needlecraft daylight lamp that I use on my desk, but because it is a small narrow room and because a lot of close work goes on it needs to be reasonably well lit on both my desk and the other table.

Once this room is out of the way we can start on the bathroom which needs repainting.  I also need new bathroom rugs, new towels, new waste bins, toilet brush holder and towel rails, which can easily be sorted.  It does not look as though we need new flooring in there but until you get started you do not really know. I really could do with a shower in there too.  Will have to see about that. The loo could really do with a small radiator in there as it gets a bit nippy in the winter months and the wall tends to condense up and go a little mouldy.

The kitchen which needs repainting and new flooring. I also have kitchen curtains to make in green check and also a sink skirt, which should not take too much doing and a new curtain pole for the curtains.  I have my eye on some green china handles as well on ebay but I need 16 of them.  So far they haven't had enough in stock for me to place the order; but it will happen.

Whilst in B & Q I did have a look at the wallpapers but nothing really took my fancy so shall have to really look about for that as I am contemplating the lounge and dining room being done out as well.

Right he has started fiddling with the TV bracket so I sense there will be a can you help me request very shortly.

Hope your day is a nice relaxing one.

Catch you later.



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