Saturday, 6 February 2016

TheLuxury of a little time

... just to do nothing is very precious.  Its a Saturday and for once I am chilling - enjoying the time to recharge.  Ah!

My back is not particularly good today and I have had to put some Ibruprofen gel on to help ease the muscles which are in spasm.  I am using some of my time in researching things and they will come out in due course and I am itching to get on with something but for once I am being gentle on myself.  I am allowing myself time to breathe.  That way I am hoping to recharge and put things into perspective a little bit more.

The weather is awful outside raining and the wind has a lot to say for itself with its bluster and howling the kind of weather that is wild and dangerous.  I bet it is a fantastic sight along the coast with waves crashing and wild horses pounding the beach.  There is a bit of a wild child lurking under the calm sensible exterior.

But here inland all we can hear is the howling and the bluster.  The type of weather where you hug the house and keep warm and just hope that everyone is keeping safe.  The animals are all in and the cats in particular are being mischievous playing games and re-arranging things along the way. They are worse than children. Missy is snuggled up with her Master and if he is nowhere to be found she changes allegiance and snuggles up next to me.  She is a very companionable creature has to be near you and touching you every so often.

The washing machine is purring away and I will have the tumble drier on later on.   I have a condenser type which is very efficient.  I cannot be doing with clothes hung up everywhere to dry as it makes the house damp and cold and then in turn I stiffen up.

Its an afternoon for a roaring fire upon which to toast crumpets and to look into the flames and dream.  On such days when we were small my father would relate folk stories to us and really bring them to life.  Imagination is a very powerful thing.  However sadly I have no roaring fire so the crumpets will have to go under the grill!  Not as romantic or aesthetically pleasing but I will still end up with toasted crumpets.

Right I am off to potter  - from a very chilled Pattypan x

Hopefully will catch you later.



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