Sunday, 14 February 2016

Today has been a Planning and Research day

I did not get up very early again today, but this time round my back was a bit easier than yesterday which is a blessing; still nipping but at least I can get around easily which was not the case yesterday.

I have been on the computer most of the day.  I had forgotten about You Tube and found several tutorials on there that I am quite interested in.  All items are related to future projects and having a video tutorial helps immensely - I think I am a visual learner more than reading the written word which is strange considering I am a total "bookworm", and once I get to grips with things I never forget; but sometimes the learning can be frustrating which is when I end up taking two or three bites at it and doing things slowly I have no choice.

As a result of getting number 2 edition of the Sew Inspired publication which I referred to yesterday I have managed to download most of Debbie's tutorials which will come in handy when it comes to the making of Christmas and birthday presents.  I have been stockpiling links on my computer so that I can quickly access things when it comes to my play days and I intend to stockpile some fabrics which will be suitable for said items.

I also have a card to make this week for one of my work colleagues I need to have that ready for Thursday so it will be a case of dragging out materials tomorrow night and seeing what I can come up with.  I am not a natural card maker but what you can do with the die cutting machine besides now that I am interested in.

Today has been a chill out one for me being able to indulge in some research and some planning has been invigorating.  As I said to OH why does it take you two days to get over working the week and when just as you get into the weekend its time to go back to work again and unfortunately I need to work unless I am lucky enough to win the Lottery! 

I am just about chilled enough to start things again.  Never mind I can only do what I can do. I do plan to experiment a little more in the coming months.  I have just got to plan out the money side of things a bit, but that can be achieved. First, I have to sort out the order I want to do things then we can plot the ingredients plan.

I have the hospital tomorrow first thing so no doubt there will be blood tests etc.  I am not a fan of injections or blood taking - its been ongoing since I was seven.

We have a piece of roast beef for tea this evening (we tend to have our tea at night so that we can get the most out of the day).  There are also roast potatoes, home made Yorkshire Pudding, peas, carrots, cauliflower broccoli and carrots and mashed potato.  For Pudding we have an Apple Strudel (a bought one - I just fancied it) together with custard.
Probably because its blooming perishing again outside I am into comfort food mode.

Now what are we going to have for tea tomorrow night. I will have a think on that but I quite fancy Gammon steaks, home made chips and pineapple with some bread and butter.  That means I will be able to get on a bit tomorrow night.  I need to get a wriggle on again.

Keep warm everyone - and keep an eye on older individuals on their own.  If need be invite them in and let them share your warmth - its about helping each other at the end of the day.

Catch you shortly.



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