Monday, 14 March 2016

A visit to the Charity Shop and Ebay

Once upon a time on a Saturday morning it used to be a regular event that I would go tootling around to the Charity shop around the corner from where I live and have a mosey and see if there was anything that took my fancy and if it did I would bring it home.  I know the Manageress very well due to my frequent comings and goings and since Christmas I have kind of got out of the routine of popping around. 

I think the last things I bought were at Christmas a large white Italian stoneware Soup Tureen and four gold twisted stem drinks glasses and some small green liqueur glasses (5 of). 

Yesterday I managed to pop in during a return trip from the Chemist.  There was not much in as they were in the process of emptying the shop ready for new stock to be delivered on Monday.  However I did find these little green glasses which I think are really lovely.   

A full set of six to go specifically with my green glass table collection; made up of an array of various different individual bits I have  found over the years.  I also have quite a large collection of Victorian pressed glass cake stands bowls and other table paraphernalia also collected over the years.  At present all boxed up and out of the way either in storage or the back bedroom.  One day though it will all be together in a proper China and glass store.  A lot of the pieces are inherited and remind me of family occasions with dear loved ones who are no longer with us and others I have collected other pieces that have interested me and indeed managed to match up and add to individual pieces.

I have also been naughty and won a couple of more green glass items on ebay. Six dessert plates, and four little bowls.  I have noticed that some of the green glass is referred to as "Bagley" green glass.  "Bagley" is a family name so I shall look into that a little further on when doing further research on the family tree.  One never knows.

I have a weakness for nice things and I have been eyeing up some of the cake stands they are absolutely fab.  Will have to do a little bit more saving though.  I just like the table to look lovely especially when having friends or family round.  That's where it all started.

I did try for an absolutely stunning linen pansy tablecloth  on ebay but got outbid but that went for £45 even though it was beautiful I could not justify it.  But it was gorgeous.  I have a real old pansy china tea set and cake plate that came from one of our forays into Suffolk from a little antique emporium there and it would have gone very well with this tablecloth. 

I have a beautiful pink floral tablecloth that was my mum's like large daisies.  It has always been a favourite of mine. It was worked by my Nan and Aunty but is not worked on linen.  It is worked on one of the newer fabrics that frays quite badly and one of the side panel edgings has come adrift and I am not quite sure how to go about repairing it.  Bovey Belle or Dawn any ideas please?

I have also started to get one or two embroidered items together together with some white work tray cloths as I want to start the patchwork quilt for my bedroom using a selection of embroidered and lacy pieces as well as pretty patchwork cotton I have amassed over the years.  There are two old nighties of my mum's both in pink broderie anglais which I would also like to incorporate.  The quilt will be a large superking plus one as I have a superking sized bed.  OH will start going fishing soon so I want to be able to play a little in all areas including my beading.  I want to get some more Christmas baubles on the go for the Christmas tree and also the odd one or two as presents.  However I do need to concentrate quite a lot  when doing this.  Will see how it goes but I have lots of ideas as usual just not always the time to do what I really want to do.

I love having a good rummage in antique emporiums or junk shops or charity shops.  You never know quite what is going to crop up.

Right must get a wriggle on.

Catch you soon.




  1. Glass is my vice.
    Most came from family members.

    I love your green glass.

  2. Hi Sunflower

    Glass and china, nice linens, wool rugs, cotton sheets. My Nan had a huge collection of glass and lovely pieces of china and other interesting bits and bobs. My Aunty the same and being as I spent a lot of time with both and was taught how to handle and look after things I was brought up to it as they say. Nan always had a lovely china cabinet which she said I could have if anything happened to her. Unfortunately I did not get it and my mother was furious as my uncle insisted it had been left to his daughter - which it had not. It was supposed to have gone to my mum but Nan said that I could have it instead. However there was a sting in the tail for my cousin as the cabinet although looking pristine was actually riddled with woodworm so a little bit of natural justice intervened. However I did receive a lot of the contents. I am a tad naughty. However I am the same as you I just love beautiful interesting things.

    Take care.




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