Saturday, 26 March 2016

Collecting Bits and Bobs

There are still wheels within wheels in motion here at home.  I am still starting to collect bits and bobs together and have recently purchased some second hand Elizabeth Bradley cross stitch/needlepoint charts for further cushions to work for the themed Roses Lounge I am working on little by little.  I love pinks, greens and creams warm colours and I keep working away at bits and pieces. 

This at the moment "dream" lounge will not happen here but it will be altogether and blended by the time I find my forever home.  I even have Rose china pieces and framed artwork. I am working new pieces and old textiles and pieces together to try and create a unique home. Eclectic like me. Some pieces I have worked myself and some I have found unloved in Charity shops but each has its place and once I get it altogether I think it will look good.

I noticed when I was in Wilkinsons the other day that they are starting to do the feather blanks for cushions amongst other things.  You can also get them from Dunhelm or John Lewis.   I have the fabric for backing the cushions in creams, greens and pinks some of which are velvet.  Also on the to do  list are some Canadian smocked cushions.  I have the fabric and when OH goes fishing I should be able to sit, concentrate and create without any distractions.  There is a lot of hand stitching involved with the Canadian Smocking.

For the Dining Room I am also collecting together vintage green glass at the moment.  I have been collecting this for a little while.  The impetus for this came about because at some point I would like to have a full Colclough Ivy Dinner Service.  I  have a few pieces and still have a way to go.  Most of the tea set side has been acquired but need to do more work on dinner, side and salad plates.  However instead of just plain glass I liked the idea of having green glass to stand out and complement it; and this is where the Green Glass collection started.  I like collecting things together.  All of the pieces are to be put into service and are not just for show. 

I have a very large pine dining table that seats 8 and being as I cannot always find what I am looking for new I collect vintage bits and pieces and make a set either matching or two or three different styles mixed together to make a set.  I love cake stands and fruit bowls vintage pieces as they really do make the dinner or tea table stand out  and come to life although I have yet to acquire some of these; but it will happen in due course.

These are just some of the pieces I have acquired over the last few months:

I have shown you these little liqueur glasses before

And these slightly larger glasses

These are six little plates which can be used as plates or as stands to vintage Sundae dishes.

There are six of these bowls - they are quite large and a darker green but I do like them.

And there are four of these little dishes which I am quite taken with.  I am going to add some more to these when I can source them.

After going to the Farm Shop yesterday I ended up popping around to the local shops and bought some more veggies and fruit and other bits and bobs.

I have also purchased some minced pork that I bought from the Polish shop £3.49 a kg.  I intend to make some small pork pies with lard pastry and pop them unfrozen in the freezer for OHs pack ups.  They have chicken livers every so often so when I see them next I will buy some in for making some pate.  It freezes quite well and dealing with it this way means I get the most out of it and do not waste it.

I have heard from the Gardener and he is going to have a look and give me a quote tomorrow.  It would help me so much if he can and the prices are reasonable.  Fingers crossed and toes plaited.

Right must get a wriggle on.

Catch you later on.




  1. Snap - I've collected green glass in the past - still have some bits (I had a heart shaped bowl like yours). I culled some when I needed to have less "stuff" before we downsized.

    Your new home will look beautiful with all the things you have planned. Have you got a timescale for moving?

  2. Your rose themed lounge sounds sublime! Show us your needlepoints Pattypan! I'd love to see. xx

  3. Hi BB its become a bit of an addiction. I have bought or won whatever you call it all sorts of nice goodies over the past couple of weeks off Ebay. I am now going to put the hankers on for a little while. May be the odd item here and there but not like I have been. I have quite enjoyed the experience. Perhaps it could lead to something in another life. I love looking for things in Charity shops and flea shops, car boots etc. Like matching them up and blending them. I have some cross stitch kits to come of Roses for wall pictures for the "front room" and have obtained a linen table cloth that is just a blank. I intend to embroider it over the winter months to match in with some of the china I already have. I am also waiting for a part started tablecloth that was up for grabs. No threads but will match with what I can. I like embroidery.

    Once my mum' house sells if we are squared up I would look to buy otherwise will save some more. One day though it will happen but trying to keep myself busy in the meantime.

    Take care.



  4. Hi Emma-Kate

    If you go back through my blog there are pictures of some of them. However I cannot get the more recent ones out as they are packed away. If I can get to them I will get them out and photograph them. I have stacks to do too.




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