Thursday, 17 March 2016

Dentist Update

Well I have been very lucky in that I was able to get an urgent appointment with the Dentist today.  Apparently my previous Dentist has left and gone to pastures new and I have yet to meet the new one - he is currently away on holiday but I have a follow up appointment on 4 April 2016 where indeed I shall meet the said gentleman. 

The one who saw me today was lovely and quickly put me at my ease - I absolutely hate going to the Dentist as a rule (something always manages to happen that shouldn't and I have been put off root treatment for life especially as I had been complaining to my Dentist for two years that there was a problem with one particular tooth.

In the end she did an x ray realised there was quite a big problem and then tried to do root canal treatment - I then got an abscess under the tooth (I get caverns under my teeth which are healthy environments for abscesses form - as a result of having a brace in my teens). 

I was then sent away with antbiotics and when I came back she realised that she was not going to save it and tried to take it out.  The tooth broke off flush.  She then would not touch it because I was epileptic and she would not have been covered under her insurance policy to have taken the tooth out in the surgery. 

I then had to wait 9 months to go into hospital to have the tooth taken out.  I thought I would be knocked out but no  - they kept me awake and I got that stressed they nearly had to stop the surgery.  They managed to get the root out and stitch me up without incident, but it has left me extremely nervous as a result.  As a result I venture no where near root canal treatment preferring to lose the tooth if it cannot be saved any other way.

Today's dentist has popped a temporary filling in the tooth in question it is at the base of the tooth and I am not sure whether they will be able to save it or whether it will have to be extracted.  Will find out when I go back.  It is a lot comfier than it was and apparently a small abscess had started to form so I have been provided with a weeks worth of antibiotics amoxicillin and have had to take double the dose on each pill today to hit the infection big time.  I am hoping I get a good night's sleep too as it has been when I laid down that I have had the biggest problem and ended up with very little sleep as a result.

However I class myself as very very lucky at being able to get an appointment so quickly.  Very pleased with the Dental practice I use; 157 Dental Surgery in Peterborough.  Lovely lot.

However I am feeling a lot better and have a little bit more energy than I did have so I have started doing a little bit of sorting out  - a precursor to the Spring clean which is looming.

I must just say it has been a lovely day here today.  We have had the sun out and it has felt a tad warmer than it has been; but the best bit tonight was coming home and it was still light.  I am hoping that it will be nice over the weekend as it would be good to get the washing line dried in the fresh air - makes everything smell so much sweeter.

Right back to the tidying.

(I am not armed with the feather duster yet or the scrubbing brush and bucket of suds with disinfectant in) although it will not be long.

Catch you soon.




  1. Great news to hear you have started your treatment, I have a visit tomorrow to check on the healing from the implant removal its still a little tender but every day its improving, I hope you sail through the treatment there is nothing worse than toothache

  2. Hi Dawn

    Had a temporary filling the other week. Get to see my actual Dentist (who I have never met yet) tomorrow and the fate of the tooth will be decided also. Not looking forward to it.




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