Monday, 21 March 2016

Good Morning

So far it seems a peaceful morning bright and the sun is trying to break and at least there is some colour in the sky.  It is always hurley burley first thing getting OH off to work and now I am sat in the peace of the house.  It is a little chilly so the heating is on as it is not warm enough otherwise to walk around in my pjs.  As a result with me being in the computer room there is a little Jack Russell snuggled up to the radiator.  She likes to be warm and she must be near you.

I found the majority of paperwork that I was looking for which is a good thing.  Big sigh.  I also found the conservatory blinds and got them washed and clean, dried and pressed.  So that is another good job done with and thank goodness I found them.  I am a little bit scatty at the best of times!

We nipped to my brother's yesterday just for a little catch up and he had a plethora of parsnips.  Last year on his allotment they had set three rows but only part of a row germinated and they ran out of parsnips early.  This year they have been overflowing with them.  This year they have duplicated the process and all three rows have set.  So I am the recipient of a lot of fresh parsnips which I have started processing for the freezer to take us through to the autumn months again.  They look lovely well done baby bruv we shall enjoy them and thank you.

My nephew is home for some tlc from university getting ready for his finals.  He has come home for Easter but is then going back to prepare himself for the last stint.  He says he finds it easier to study at university than he does at home. I think there are too many distractions.  He already has gained a 2.1 for his degree course but because he has taken the Masters on top of that he will receive both accreditations together.

Youngster has chosen his university and is in the throes of finalising that.  He takes his A levels shortly and then all being well goes up to university in September.

We are very proud of both of them for all their hard work.  It is lovely to see them grow into fine young men with the family sense of humour which is wicked to say the least.  Love them both dearly.

As I have been typing away at this post I have a CD playing on the computer.  I have my bright pink headphones on so I do not disturb the neighbours) and am jiggling away to Tommy Steele "singing the blues".  Tommy Steele was one of the first pop artists that I really liked. There are also tracks from Paul Anka "Diana", Connie Francis with "Stupid Cupid", the Everly Brothers (another favourite), Elvis Presley, Bill Haley and the Comets, Lonnie Donegan.  All tracks which we had at some point on 78s.  Some I still have but quite a few have got broken as they are so brittle compared to LPs  I was given a load of records as a nipper which were left over from my aunts and uncles.  I still have what are left but they gave us a lot of enjoyment as children.  Have all the old singles as well but I cannot play them on the computer so the CD is the next best thing.  Music is very important to me.

Right must get a wriggle on.

Hope your day is a good one.

Catch you later.



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  1. sun is shining here this morning looks like another day to spend outside :-)


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